Sachin Tendulkar during his brilliant unbeaten knock of 89 for Mumbai Indians against Rajasthan Royals at  Jaipur achieved yet another milestone in his illustrious career when he became the seventh player in the history of Indian Premier to accumulate 1000 career runs. The first to achieve the feat was Adam Gilchrist and others in the elite list are Suresh Raina, Mathew Hayden, Rohit Sharma, Jacque Kallis and Gautam Gambhir.

SachinTendulkar needed 25 runs prior to the start of his innings and his blistering unbeaten knock of 89 took his career tally to 1064 runs which places him in fourth spot in the all time list. Media and millions of fans from all country and more so in India are often engaged in a debate on seniors and juniors and their places in the team but  a look at the age of players in the elite list should settle the issue.

Adam Gilchrist who is 38 years and 150 days old, born on 14th November 1971  is the first to achieve this feat.  The fact that Gilchrist was the first to achieve the feat speaks of his consistency and his extra ordinarily strike rate makes the most talented of all youngsters envy him.

Mathew Hayden born on 29th October1971 at 38 years and 166 days  is the oldest but yet he still is one of most strongest hitters in the game.  He has been amazingly consistent especially in the inaugral edition of IPL. A couple of youngsters put together cannot generate the same power which Hayden can generate.

Sachin Tendulkar born on 24th April 1973, at the age of 36 years and 354 days is still the best batsman in the game in any form of the game.  Sachinstill is among the best runners in the world, the master of nudges and pushes and can be the most destructive batsman in the world when he wants to be which he has shown in this edition of IPL. The effortless ease in which we took 20 runs of the last during his unbeaten 89 against Rajasthan Royals at Jaipur re affirms the fact that he is the best in the world in terms of technique, aggression or tactical brilliance.

Jacque Kallis born on 16th November1975 is 34 years and 179 days old.  Along with Sachin Tendulkar he has dominated Indian Premier League with amazing consistency.  Though assigned sheet anchor role he can strike the ball whenever he wants to.

Gautam Gambhir born on 14th October 1981 is 28 years and 81 days old. Though he has not had a great IPL 2010, he is one batsman who has been remarkably consistent for India in T20 format of game.

Suresh Raina born on 27th October 1986 is 23 years and 137 days old.  He is one of the cleanest strikers of cricket ball and has been consistent for India in shorter formats of the game

Rohit Sharma born on 30th April 1987 is 22 years and 348 days old.  He is more like Sachin Tendulkar in his younger days, very mature for his age.  He has this uncanny knack of hitting a big shot into vacant areas in the midst of a calm innings.

The oldest among in 1000 run club is Mathew Hayden at the age of 38 years and 166 days while the youngest is Rohit Sharma at the age of 22 years and 348 days. 16 years and 182 days seperate Rohit Sharma from Hayden and yet the fact that both of them are members of the same club means that only one thing matters and that is your performance.



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