The format in which the Indian Premier League is the best in cricket, and even the World Cup pales in comparison.  Each team gets to play two matches which means that even if a team suffers a upset defeat then the result can be reversed in the next encounter.  Similarly there is no advantage as each team gets a home match and a away match.  While the format is the best, still there is some scope for improvement and a couple of suggestions for improvement are:-

Eliminating toss in league stages:- In some matches toss plays a key factor and the captains and teams know well before the match that the team which loses the toss is surely going to lose the match. It therefore becomes very important to neutralize the importance of luck factor by way of toss.  The best way would be to give a captain the option of opting to field or bat in a match and then forfeit the right in the next match in the reverse encounter.  For example if Mumbai Indians and Dare Devils are to play a match then Sachin Tendulkar should be give the option of batting or fielding in the first encoutner and then Gautam Gambhir should be the given the option of batting or fielding in the reverse encounter. Preferably the captain playing in an away venue should be given the option of choosing to bat or field so that the home advantage is neutralized.  For example if Mumbai Indians are playing at Delhi then Sachin Tendulkar should be given the option of batting or fielding so that both the teams start the match without any unfair advantage.

A Minimum Representation of Players belonging to Home City in Playing Eleven:- IPL has fixed a cap that a maximum of only 4 overseas players can be part of playing 11. Similarly the playing eleven of a team should compromise of a minimum number of home players.  For example if Mumbai Indians are to have only Sachin from Mumbai and the rest from other states, then the world "Mumbai Indians" loses its significance.  It is therefore important that IPL frames a rule which states that a team from Kolkatta should have atleast 3 local players.

The above suggestions if implemented would make the Indian Premier League the best ever sporting evening in the World.

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