Why 20-20 match better than 50 over match?

T-20 match better than the 50 over matches because two innings in the t20 are easy to 50 over match.

In T-20 matches we check betting capability of any batsman. T-20 is more enjoyable than the one day match because any time there pressure on the batsman to make the run. He makes run quickly than compare to 50 over match. 50 over match get boring in the mid of 50 over.

T20 saves the time of visitor. T20 is relaxing match for playing teams.

T20 is just a fluke game have a wild swing at every ball not playing on d merit of ball.

Here technical skill are not tested people amusement is also required but not at the expense of quality of game.

T20 is the obvious choice for spectators but next to it is the test matches which show the potential of all cricketers and also displays the beauty of the sport.

T20 is better than 50 over match because of their time difference, in this time nobody have 9 hours to watch a cricket match so enjoyment & watch cricket they have maximum 5 hours .

Playing 50 over or a test match is a real test of a Cricketer, As they have to formulate their plans as per that only.

A Batsman actual skill comes out in that as he has to work as per the need of that hour. He has to hit scoring boundaries. He has to play safe if other wickets have fallen quickly. He has to stick to the crease same way bowlers have to decide whether bowling should be done to take wickets or to save runs and this is the beauty of this game is. It needs management so very often you will find that a weaker team is winning the match that is why so many people like this game and it is like Passion & religion in our country.

But on the other hand in T-20 is very entertaining with lots of spicy items with in that it can be anything but not the Cricket and more over it has become the game of chances & luck which really taking out the beauty of this game.

I think T20 is better. It is always thrilling. ODI is very boring between 15 and 35 over.

In T20 every ball is precious. I don’t think 20-20 is only for hard hitters.

T20-20 is defiantly spicy no doubt of that but preference always depends on viewers. Some may like 20-20 and some may go for test/one days.

I will go for 20-20 because,

Game is really spicy and you sit and chill because of the pressure that comes from limited over.

Game just runs on strategy. Planning smartly is near to winning game.

You don’t have to spend your entire day in front of TV. It’s just like seeing a movie.

The energy level of the game is constant throughout.

Cheer girls.




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