WIth just four more days to go for the big day, every cricketing nation would be planning the demise of their opponents. Planning every bowling change, the fielder and his position and working out ways to encounter the white ball and its adventures under the artificial lights. From the first practice match, it would hold good for all the visiting teams to get used to the slow and low tracks of the sub continent. The Indian spinners really troubled the Aussies, especially Ricky Ponting. All the visitors better get ready to tackle spin for if they fail to do so they are reducing their chances of a happy April 2nd celebration. Unexpectedly, it was a low scoring first match and may very well be the sign of things to come this World Cup.

In the coming days, the spin of the coin will hold some importance though not as important as that of the spin of the white foe. The ball might seam a bit under lights but for the motivated ones, seam shouldn't seem a problem. Eight teams will enter the semi-finals which means almost all the major test playing nations have a good chance of making it to the second stage because of which the matches against the non test playing nations will be interesting if any upsets are caused. The matches against the non test playing nations will help to improve the net run rate and may come in handy should there be a hiccup.

From the quarter finals , the world cup will be similar to the knock out trophy where every match could deliver the knock out blow. With the advertising prices soaring through the skies, the organisers would want the Indians to go the distance if they want to make a fortune out of this. Even otherwise the organisers will make nothing short of a fortune. Sachin, just three shy of a century of centuries, the load of expectations on him just got to a new level of epic proportions. As always the crowds would expect him to smash the ball all around and notch up century after century. Quite a few big names will be making their exit this world cup, namely Brett Lee and Murali but none bigger than the little legend himself, Sachin Tendulkar. Although the man himself has not said that this would be his last but any one doubts that he would be playing at 42.

This world cup predicted as the most open world cup of recent times definitely promises a lot for the spectator. Fourteen teams fighting for one trophy will have to leave way for one among them to lift the trophy this April and take a place in history for a feat of no defeat.


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