It has been raining injuries that our Indian players have faced so far in this year after the successful World Cup campaign. Yes, I do accept that players getting injured us part and parcel of the game. But Indian players are subjected to more injury when compared to cricketers of other nation. The list of players injured after this World cup includes

1. Sehwag


3. Zaheer

4. Sachin

5. Gambhir

6. P. Kumar





Reasons for this Injuries:

The injury that Rohit Sharma sustained during the England tour could never have been avooided. But apart from this, the injuries of All other players certainly could have avoided. If not avoided, atleast the impact of the injury could have been minimised

1. IPL:

Though lot of debates involving the players injury due to IPL arise, no one can completely say that IPL doesnot have any impact on the Indian players. Though Gambhir sustained an injury during the World Cup, he wanted to play IPl for KKR at the cost of WI tour. SImilar was the case with Sehwag,Yuvi and Zaheer. These players could have skipped their IPL and could have been in rehab period thereby regaining their fitness.

2. Hectic Schedule:

When compared to all other cricket playing nations, India plays the most of games. And  hence the player loose their fitness. SO the number of matches that our players play could be minimised.

3. Rotational Policy:

We have very good bench strength in all the departments. In batting we have the resources of Rahanae, R.SHarma, P.Patel and so on and even in the bowling department we have U.Yadav,V.Aaron and many more. But we stick to the same playing 11 and thereby becoming a reason for the players to loose their stamina and thereby their fitness. With rotational policy, we could also increase our bemch strength.

We have the habit of commiting the same mistake again and again. WIth Zaheer's return from England, Indian selectors should have learnt a lesson. But  even now we are doing the same mistake by including the half fit Praveen to ODI squad against West Indies and now he is declared out of the first 3 ODIs.

So, Lets hope, atleast our selection committee and our team management here after make sure that our playing players and the rest of the players fitness are properly managed and utilised.


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