In India, what entertains is Cricket. Being the national game of England it is played and watched all over the world with lots of enthusiasm. It is an outdoor game which is played between 2 teams of eleven players each. In each team there are bowlers, batsmen and a wicket keeper. Batsmen scores runs and bowlers balls for the team. This game is all about scoring runs, taking wickets, hitting boundaries, defending and chasing a score. This game requires a lots of strength, practice, running and stamina.

There are three different forms of Cricket:

One day limited over Cricket
Test match and

In one day limited over cricket each team balls 50 overs (300 balls each), in 20-20 each team balls 20 overs and in a test match unlimited overs are bowled. Out of these three, 20-20 cricket is the best entertainer. It is fast and it gets wind up within 3 hours. On the contrary one day limited over cricket and a test cricket consumes more time.

Some of the teams which play Cricket at the international level are

West indies
South Africa
New Zealand

These teams have their official uniforms which distinguishes them from each other. The one I like the most is worn by the Australian team. The uniforn worn by this team is yellow and green in color.

Some of the major Cricket tournaments for which these teams compete with each other are:

 World Cup
 Asia Cup
 ICC world 20-20
 Pepsi Cup
 IPL etc

As per the latest rankings Australia, Sri- Lanka, India and England are the top most teams of international cricket.

Some of the star batsmen of International cricket are:

Sachin tendulkar
Gautam Gambhir
Mahinder Singh Dhoni
Ricky Ponting
Brian Lara
Chris Gayle etc

Some of the best bowlers are:

Muttiah Muralitharan
Shane Warne
Harbhajan Singh
Anil Kumble
Malinga etc

Today this sport has surpased even movies in terms of entertainment. Cricket of today not only entertains but it also generates revenue for our government. It is a glamorous sport which is liked by all age groups. The new form of Cricket (20-20) has changed the complete outlook of this game. The attractive cheerleaders, peppy music, electronic score boards, outstanding commentary, colorful uniforms etc have added more glamour to this sport. This game not only shows us live action but it also offers a world class career to the youngsters. This sport has also established major brands like Pepsi, Coke, Vodaphone, Airtel, Micromax, Shell, Reebok, Nike etc in the international market.

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