When we talk about sports,different sporting activites like Football,Basketball,Tennis and Hockey comes in our mind,as these sports are played in more than 200 countries. In india,most of the people love one Sport and that is cricket.We would thought that cricket is been just played in 12- 13 countries,but we are wrong. Its attraction,its excitement,its atmosphere,has spread cricket in more than 100 countries. This in unbelievable ! The handling of Cricket affairs is been done by International Cricket Council (ICC) was established in year 1909,at that time,there were only 3 countries,who were playing cricket : Australia, England and South Africa. After that,there was a wide spread of this sports and Now after 103 years of its Establishment,the Number of Members, Associate Members and Affliated Members have reached till 103 Countries. The World of ICC is been Widely spread.

          Any Cricket Lover,will definitely know all the International Teams,but now countries like Ireland,Scotland and even Afghanistan is included in Cricket. Afghanistan,which the country of Terrorist people,is going to play in T20 World Cup,this year in Septmeber. Afghanistan has qualified for T20 World Cup.From the Affiliated Member of ICC,the only Country to Qualify is Afghanistan. This Country,has also qualified once before this. Recently,Afghanistan played one ODI with Pakistan in Sharjah. Afghanistan was the first Country to play against Test Match playing Country. There is huge power of Taliban in Afghanistan and so,you can't wear half pents or half skirt,hence the sports like Football,Hockey and Tennis is not allowed to play. But in the sport of Cricket,they have no objection. Infact,Taliban had sent a good message for Wishing the Afghanistan team,when they played, one ODI against Pakistan.

          World Cricket Body means Imperial Cricket Conference(ICC) was established on 15 June,1909 in Lords. Earlier,there were only 3 teams participation : Australia,England and South Africa. Thereafter,in 1926, West indies, India and New zealand and in 1953,Pakistan was given invitation for playing cricket. In 1981,Srilanka was invited and thereafter Zimbabwe and Banglades was invited. Due to Black-White issues,South Africa was banned from the cricket,but in 1991,this country was again invited for the Cricket. America has raised the question on word " Imperial ",so instead of " Imperial" ," International" was Kept.In 1989,in this name,there was again a change,instead of " Conference"," Council " was kept. In this way, ICC name was kept,but now the world know ICC by name International Cricket Council.

          All the meeting from 1909 till 1990, was organised in Lords,but in 1991,first time,meeting was organsied in Melbourne,Australia. In 2005,August,the headquater of Cricket was made to be in Dubai and the controlling of 103 countries is done from there. ICC has made 3 categories. In which 10 countries playing Test Match are:

(1) England

(2) South Africa

(3) Australia

(4) West Indies

(5) New Zealand

(6) India

(7) Pakistan

(8) Srilanka

(9) Zimbabwe

(10) Bangladesh

          In 1965,Countries like

(1) Japan

(2) Hongkong

(3) Singapore

(4) UAE

(5) Quwait

(6) Gemany

(7) Zambia

(8) Netherland

(9) Kenya

(10) Scotland

(11) Nepal

(12) Canada

(13) USA and small- small nearly 36 countries were included in the Member Category. From this Category,Countries like Canada Kenya, UAE,Netherland and Scotland have played in World Cup.

          Exclusive of these countries,acoording to ICC rules, there are 59 countries,who play cricket. They are in affliated Category since 1984.

In this cateory Countries like:

(1) Afghanistan

(2) Bhutan

(3) Indonesia

(4) Yogoslavia

(5) Iran

(6) Brazil

(7) Bulgaria

(8) Bahrain

(9) Greece

(10) Switzerland

(11) Mexico

(12) Turkey

(13) Morocco

(14) Oman

(15) Portugal are there.

          The main work of ICC is to make awareness of Cricket,in the World. Looking at this point of view,in 2014 T20 World cup,instead of 12 Teams,16 Teams will be going to participate. Associated Member team will play against each other to qualify in T20 World cup,which is to be organized in UAE. We never what can hapen next,but i am sure that One Day we will see this Cricket Tournament in  Olympics.

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