Arjun Sachin Tendulkar, the son of prolific Indian batsman Sachin Tendulkar has been selected for the U-14 Mumbai squad. He has been selected to play for the matches against the West Zone. The matches are scheduled to begin from January 20 to February 1. The matches will be played at Ahmadabad.

It was in June last year that Arjun Tendulkar scored a century and was one of the probable for the U-14 Mumbai team. Arjun Tendulkar was born on 24 September, 1999. Unlike his father, Arjun Tendulkar plays left-handed. He is a very exciting prospect and an equally attacking player.

However, the selection of Arjun Sachin Tendulkar has come under doubt. Some parents of some players, who were also in the race, were unhappy about the selection of Tendulkar Jr. Arjun made his first ever career hundred in MCA for the U-14 selection trials. These trials were held at the Cross Maidan in Mumbai in May.

Bhupen Lalwani, who is a student of the Don Bosco scored some heavy runs. He scored 398 runs in only 277 balls. Bhupen Lalwani scored these runs against IES Modern School. However, he was ignored from the list of probables. Satyak Patel was another example of a blooming prospect being ignored.

As far as Arjun Tendulkar is concerned, he had scored 124 runs last year as mentioned above and his next best score was that of 70 runs. This score came around last week. That led the parents of the rejected players to doubt Tendulkar Jr.’s existence in the team.

So does it mean that it was the influence of Sachin Tendulkar due to which his son got a place in the team? That is one thing that hasn’t surfaced yet, but the way parents are doubting Arjun’s presence in the team make one think this. But one thing should be mentioned that cricket is a game of merit. The way Tendulkar made his mark with sheer talent, if his son has it, he will be there, otherwise the players with the right talent will duly make it big.


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