Why certain players do match fixing or spot fixing? There are some unanswered questions. Human mind is a complex set of cells. One cannot measure the performance of it. There are many fields here that are yet to be traced through medical scientists. Till this day, human mind stays the same set of mysteries that are yet to be solved.

In the current game of cricket, due to its immense popularity, fixing issues are raised time and again. It is true that match fixing is not the contemporary phenomena. It appeared in the same few years back. The term matches fixing or spot fixing becomes more popular due to cricket. Now-a-days every electronic as well as print medium is covering the topical spot fixing revelations. Three cricket players of Rajasthan Royals Indian Premiere League franchise are allegedly caught doing spot fixing. The news gained more momentum due to Sreesanth, former India cricketer within them.

Nowadays, the word fixing is in all Medias coverings. Sports fans are anxiously hearing the news about these revelations. Generally, it is called match fixing, there are two more elements to it, known as sports fixing and race fixing. The definition of match fixing in uncomplicated term is there at Wikipedia. “In organized sports, match fixing occurs as a match is played to a completely or partially pre-determined result, violating rules of the game and often the law.”

Analysts, criticized match fixing games as “thrown games”. In match fixing, the players involved in this, deliberately perform poorly to affect the result of the game. They demand heavy money from bookies and they receive it after throwing games according to bookies wishes. Wikipedia further adds about these players, “When a team intentionally loses a games, or does not score as high as it can, to obtain a perceived future competitive advantage (for instance, earning a high draft pick) rather than gamblers being involved, the team is often said to have tanked he game instead of having thrown it.”

Why certain players involve in match fixing?

Why match fixing occurs? Why certain players do perform match fixing, is an unresolved question. According to analysts, there are two prominent reasons for this. The essential point of Match fixing or spot fixing is a form of gambling. Certain players are involved in this gamble to gain future team advantage.

History of match fixing:

There is no hard and fast history book on the exact time when fixing or match fixing starts. It seemed that, match fixing was there in ancient times. According to some sports historians, in the ancient Olympics, match fixing was there. At that time, it was not known as match fixing. There was no seriousness about fixing issues at that time. People did not like the match fixing even ancient Olympic times. Society banned players found on match fixing in social life forever. Sometimes, underperform players were considered then as they were against their cities and most audiences disliked this.

In ancient times, before commencement of the Olympic Games, the players of ancient Rome and Greece had to take an oath in front of Goddess Jius and goddess Athena. In some instances, match fixers and bookies were punished heavily for their actions by concerned monarchs of their states. In ancient Rome and Greece, “Chariot Racing” was the most popular game. At that time, some bookies tried hard to fix this game. In that time it was called as “race Fixing”.

According to sports historians, the match fixing started from gambling. Match fixing is an advance form of gambling. It is a virtual form of gambling. Here gambling means betting. According to modern world history, since the beginning of the twentieth century, many countries around the world banned gambling and betting. Sadly, this step could not stop the networking of gambling and betting. There are instances, when people lost everything, while indulging with gambling; still they are unable to leave this dangerous game of play. Facts say that, in the beginning of twentieth century, betting and gambling are predominant in the sport of boxing and baseball.

In the beginning of the twenty first century, gambling, fixing and betting becomes more vigorous and dangerous and widespread. “Chicago Scandal” of 1919, in a baseball game was a burning example of modern day match fixing.

Football and match fixing:

Football is popularly known as soccer. It is the most popular game in the world, with mass followers. People follow this game badly. There are riots on the result of football games. People follow this game blindly. There are fixing issues in the game of soccer. In 2011, match fixing in soccer at Turkey surfaced for the first time. Over 30 players and officials of the Turkish national soccer team found to be involved in an alleged match fixing. In South Korea national soccer team, over 50 professionals were arrested for their alleged involvement with soccer match fixing. Ten players were banned for life for their proven involvement in this game.

Two players from Finland found involved in match fixing. 12 international soccer players are on the watch list by investigative agencies around the world. Apart from these players, global players from China, Zimbabwe, Hungary, Israel, Thailand and Vietnam are on the watch list by various investigative agencies around the world, for alleged involvement in match fixing in various soccer games.

Cricket and match fixing:

Cricket is the most famous game in the world. People of India follow this game badly. It is said that cricket is a gentleman’s game. If we consider, closing two decades of cricket history, one can find countless examples of match fixing, and through this some players of this gentleman game have become gentleman thieves. There is much gambling with the performance of cricket matches. There is no surprise in this. Due to immense popularity of this game of cricket, it is slowly turning into a professional game. Here, for team owners and fans win is the only criteria they desire for at any cost.

Many businessmen, wishes to invest in cricket and some of them are leaving the share market as they see their growth of money multiple times within seconds. Money is what controls the cricket now. Where money becomes important, the degrading of morality, social responsibility and dedication stays behind. Slowly, corruption devils crippling into game of cricket in many unfamiliar faces. In 2008, Adam Chorus coined the phrase “the gentleman thief” in his best seller novel “Rifle and Match-fixing”.

Cricketing communities around India got a shocker, when Cronje, in front of investigators, said that former Indian captain tried to introduce him to bookies. After few months, he was himself entangled with match fixing net. Azharrudin also said that he had fixed three matches. Board of Control of Cricket in India banned former captain of India. These incidents occurred in 2000. What is surprising that, the life ban lifted from him, within six years of its implementation. Later he was elected as Member of Parliament and elected to Indian parliament. Former South African captain Cronje be implicated and banned for life from cricket. Later on after a few years, he died under mysterious circumstances in a private plane crash.

All rounder Manoj Prabhkar is a renowned face in Indian cricket. He was good medium fast swing bowler and defensive opener batter. He had 67 test wickets and 157 one day international wickets in his name. He played his final match against Sri Lanka, in 1996 world cup match. He was in Tehelka match fixing expose the team to expose cricket match fixers. Unfortunately, later on it was found that, he himself underperforms in some matches. Board of cricket control of India, prohibited him from further playing in cricket.

Hansie Cronje was born on 1969 September 25 and died on June 1, 2002. He was popular in South Africa, when he took the burden of captaincy of South African cricket. He was a successful captain. On April 7 of 2000, Delhi Police announced that, he was in fixing of matches. Delhi police tapped the phoned conversation between him and Bookie Sanjay Chawla and reached the conclusion that, he was involved in fixing of matches. Three team mates of Cronje who were involved with him in the syndicate of match fixing were, Gibbs, Nicky Boey and Peter Strydom. King Commission was formed to investigate this matter. King commission gave report and implicates Cronje in fixing of matches and banned him from additional playing and coaching. At the age of 32 Cronje, perished in a plane crash under mysterious circumstances.

Herschel Gibbs was once leading batsman of the South African cricket team. The flamboyant opener had the ability to destroy any ferocious bowling attack to dismay within a few minutes. He had born on 23rd February 1974. He was regarded as a gifted batter of his time. He was a brilliant fielder. He was equally skilful like his co player Jaunty Rhodes in the fielding department. He was the first cricketer of the world to hit six sixes in six balls in international one day cricket tournament. He achieved this feat against Nederland in 1997. He had been in controversies more because of brawls at pubs. In 2001, while on tour at West Indies, he was taking banned drugs with some of his team mates, which sparked controversy. He had to pay the fine for this incident. Later on, it was revealed that he was with Cronje, fixing some matches. This led to serious doubt over his cricketing career. He had taken 15,000 dollars to score lower than 20 runs in the match.

Pakistani talented speedster Amir had born on April 13, 1992. This southpaw debuts his international cricketing career against Sri Lanka. In 2009. He was 17 years old then. He was originally accused of spot fixing on August 29th, 2010. He deliberately bowled two no balls in one over. He was found guilty along with his team mates Butt and Asif and was sentenced to six months of jail term. Later on, he was freed after serving three months of jail time on February, 2012.

In the contemporary world, cricket is popular, with a huge fan base. Fixing issues are directly proportional with game’s popularity. Common man, who hardly follows cricket, knows the term match fixing games. Gentleman’s game of cricket has been sprinkled with the clouds of spot fixing issues. On the May, 2012, it was known through the sting operation that five players involved in spot fixing. After one year, once again there were some revelations on spot fixing. Three cricketers from Rajasthan Royals franchise were arrested for their alleged involvement in spot fixing. Police are arresting more and more bookies around India. This proves that cricket is no longer a gentleman’s game. With the advent of T20 matches, there is surprisingly high in spot fixing case. What is surprising that, this has not been limited to cricket only, it spreads too much popular sports.

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