There are far more umpiring errors these days that at any point in the history of cricket.  One of the reason is for many errors creeping up is the fact that there are too many matches being played these days.  There is a saying that only people who have work commit mistakes while people who do not have any work do not have a chance of committing a mistake.  That is the same thing with umpires as they have to umpire in too many games and in  too short a duration and that really is taking a toll on their accuracy levels. Apart from this is another factor to which due importance is not given to.  Many umpires do not have the experience of playing cricket and even if they have played cricket, they have hardly played at inernational level.  In this regard it becomes very important to have ex-cricketers as umpires.  The advanctages of having a ex-cricketer as umpire are:-

Ex-cricketer can tackle crowd pressure better:- There are countries which are very passionate about cricket and crowds get very excited.  When a player appeals, sometimes even the crowd appeals at the same time.  Umpires without experience or having little experience of having played the game, succumb to the crowd pressure and give a decision favourable to the crowd. It is not easy for a umpire to concentrate when thousands of people in the crowd appeal.  It is even more difficult to give a decision against them.

Tackling player pressure:- Sometimes excessive appealing from bowlers and fielders force a umpire to give decision in their favour.  For a fraction of a second the umpires come under the emotion of the appeal if the player.  Apart from emotionally blackmail, sometimes player tene to intimidate umpires to give decisions in their favour.  Here the role of a ex player is very important.  Having played matches at international level, an ex player as an umpire would be clam under such sort of pressure and give a decision which is correct or atleast closer to being correct.

Better Reflexes and Eye Sight:- An ex player is definitely more fitter and more agile and has better reflex having played many years at international level.  The eye sight to see a nick is far better for a ex player .  An ex player would be better equipped to hear a nick expecially when there are thousands of people screaming outside the stadium.  An ex player can concentrate better while seeing or hearing a nick and is better equipped to take a decision.

One thing is to be remembered that a mistake on the part of umpire could change the fortunes of a team or ruin a players career.  Considering this and the above mentioned points,  it is preferable to give opportunities to ex players to become umpires.



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