Indian cricket is now at it peak in Test Matches having beaten most countries on a regular basis.  Indian cricket however has not  dominated in the same manner  like the Australian teams or West Indian teams prior to that.  Both Australian and West Indian teams were so dominating that they used  thrash opponents by winning every single Test in a series.  The series scoreline was same whether these teas were playing at home or abroad as it it did not make much of a difference.

Reasons for India's recent domination

Best Batting Line up in the World:- The primary season for India's domination is that most of the players are at the peak of their careers especially the batsmen.  Players like Sachin Tendulkar have a point to prove as he has often been accused of not playing enough match winning innings.  Sehwag too is at his destructive best while being amazingly consistent throughout his career.  Gautam Gambir is performing excellently after his comeback proving that in the first place he should never ever have been dropped.  While  V V S Laxman with his place assured is playing brilliantly, Rahul Dravid has been playing the supporting role very well.  The current batting line up is one of the best ever in the world.  We have attacking batsman who average more than 50 or are very close to it. Not many teams in the world can match of a better batting line up than India.

Lack of good bowlers in opposition:- Another very important reason is that most of the top bowlers  from other teams have retired. Legends like Wasim Akram, Waqar Youinus, Shane Warne and Mc Grath are now part of history.   In some countries selection politics have ensured that better players are left out and some unknown names represent the team.  This has helped India's cause.  Most countries in the world do have a decent bowling line up.  These days you can count a good bowler on your finger tips like Muthiah Muralidhran.  Not long back there was a galaxy of bowers each of whom was a legend and one who could rip apart a position.

Major area of concern for India:- While everybody is soaking in the joy of India consistently winning Test Matches, the worst possible thing for Indian cricket is bound to come in the next two to four years  Sachin Tendulkar and Rahul Dravid would have retired by then.  V V S Laxman is only about a couple of years younger to this duo.  If Laxman and especially Sehwag who till now has had a brilliant career fail to perform, then we could have probably the worst batting line up among regular Test playing nations as thee is hardly anyone who come anywhere being close to a Sachin, Dravd of Sehwag.  Our bowlers are a hyped lot. While they can bowl as fast as any bowler in the world, they do not have the knack of picking wickets unless they get wickets tailor made to suit their style of bowling as in New Zealand or England.   Kumble was the only world class bowler who was capable of picking wickets irrespective of the strength of the opposition or the surface and with his retirement India lacks bowlers to can bowl a full strength opposition team twice in a test match.  This Indian team do not have bowlers to win a 5 match series 5-0 or even 3-0.  They can just about manage to win a 5 test series 1-0. While it does not concern us for  lack of quality bowlers as other teams too do not have quality bowlers, once other teams get good replacements for their retired legends then India is bound to be at the receiving end.

While we are basking in our current glory, the games administrators in India should start looking at a system to get in some good bowlers into the team who can take wickets on any surface and win matches for India on a regular basis.




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