Hi friends here in this article let us discuss about the records that Indian players made on the first day of the second test against Sri Lanka, at Kanpur. We will also discuss about the team record that we made. Really it was a fantastic day for India and that too the opening partnership was brilliant between Sehwag and Gambir, as they crossed the 200 runs mark. This is absolutely a wonderful opening pair and they also open the inning sin ODI, T 20, IPL and also for their working place ONGC. So that has made their understanding very easy and moreover both the players feel very easy when they play, because they generate the single form nowhere and that also happened in the 1st day of the Kanpur test as they made many singles and the running between the wicket was very good, but still they were a little bit lazy when the complete the run as they don’t land the bat properly, where they used to keep the bat directly from the air over the crease, rather than stretching it before the line itself.

To start with let us discuss about the team record. This is the highest score for India in a single day, with a score of 417/2.But when we consider the best score for a single day, we must travel a century back, because the record happened in 1910, when Australia scored 494 runs in a single day against South Africa in the first day, at Sydney. It is  a known fact that , if Sehwag would have been there , then India would have crossed 494, because India was nearly going at a run rate of 6, when Sehwag was at the crease, but unfortunately he was out when the score was 233, in Murali’s bowling.

Coming to the Individual records, Gambir is the talk of the city, because this is the 4th consecutive test century for Gambir.His previous centuries includes,

#) 137 against New Zealand in Napier.

#) 167 against New Zealand in Wellington.

#) 114 against Sri Lanka in Ahmedabad, this is the first test century against Sri Lanka

#) Recently 167 against Sri Lanka in Kanpur, second test century against Sri Lanka

So far he has scored 8 test centuries in Test matches and the interesting fact is that he scored his 7 centuries in his last 9 test matches, which explains us the tremendous form, he is in. He is the third Indian after Gavaskar and Dravid to score 4 consecutive test centuries and if he does the same in the future two tests, he will make a world record of equaling Sir Don Bradman’s 6 consecutive century’s record. With the amount of form he is in, everybody hopes that he can get the three figures in each innings, provided he concentrates well and play his natural game, and never get over confident. So let us hope that he breaks Bradman’s record and surpasses six consecutive centuries and make our country proud. This is the reason he was awarded ICC test player of the year recently in South Africa. Gambir scored 1501 runs in his last 9 test matches which averages 93.91 runs per match and this average would have been 100, if he was not out in Kanpur test. For your kind information, Sir Don Bradman averages 99.94 in his entire carrier of 542 test matches, where he scored a total of 6996 runs.

Apart from Gambir’s record, Prajan Ojha is the 261st Indian player to make the debut for the country. Congrats Ojha and hope you do well in future. Then comes our master Blaster, this test match against Sri Lanka made him the only player to have played more number of test matches against Sri Lank with 21 matches, surpassing Pakistan’s legend batsmen Inzuman Ul Haq, who played 20 test matches against Sri Lanka.

Opener Sehwag set the third fastest test century by an Indian against Sri Lanka with 97 runs, the first and second being Kapil Dev, in 74 balls at Kanpur in 1986-87, and Sehwag himself in 87 balls, at Galle in 2008.Apart form this Sehwag also holds the record for the only player in India who scored 4 centuries in less than 100 ball, surpassing Azhar ( 3 times) and Kapil Dev ( 3 times).

So, apart from all these individual records, let us hope that as a team India wins the test series 2-0 and get the number 1 position in Test playing nations.

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