Currently Euro Cup 2012 is going on. The tournament is jointly hosted by Poland and Ukraine.  It has been a great fun to watch such a lovely event. It is one of the most popular sports event in the world. There are 16 best teams from Europe participating in the tournament. Last Euro Cup was held in the year 2008 which was won by Spain who has also won World Cup 2010. As tournament progress, best teams are further advance to the next round. Some teams are favorite to won this year Euro 2012. Some of the best teams which are favorite to won this event is as below :

Spain - Spain is currently the tittle holder of the Euro Cup and also FIFA World Cup. This team is one of the top team who can won the tournament. Spain is currently in the best of the form. Although they miss their main striker David Vila, but yet they are the firm favorite to won the tournament.

Germany -  Germany is also one of the best team right now in the world. They played very well till now and advance into the semi final of the Euro 2012. There are some world class player in the team who can change the fortune of any team. Muller is one of the player of that caliber. In addition, we cannot forget Klose who can change the result at any time. Further Germany is also in the best of the form.

Italy - Although there is no world class player in the Italy squad, but yet we cannot  forget the caliber of that team. Italy has won the FIFA World Cup four times. Only Brazil has won the World Cup more than Italy. There main power is lies in their defense. There main player s Pirlo and De Rossi. We cannot underestimate the potential of that team.

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