If we look at the Group B of this Fifa 2014 world cup, one can easily say that this group may not see any ups and downs. The reason behind this is the presence of the Fifa World cup 2010 Finalists. Yes, Both Spain and Netherlands are clear favourites to enter in the final 16. The other two teams, who will face such tough challenge, are Australia and Chile. Aussies, having made it in the world cups for the third consecutive time, would be spirited and up on their toes to perform their best but, the likes of Spain and Netherlands in their group will mean that they have very little chance to succeed against them. Australia is having a new coach and the team is doing good enough to qualify but they are in transition and may not pose any danger what so ever for any team in Group B. 

Though, it will be interesting to see their approach, as they would not like to give everything with ease. In the other hand Chile would seek an upset to reach in the final 16. In 2010 Fifa world cup, Chile managed to reach in the final 16 but, it doesn’t look that good this time around, considering the presence of two European giants. They would be eager to face the Netherlands and pull of a draw or an upset if possible. If there is a draw against the Netherlands, then they can fancy their chances of reaching in the final 16. Thinking about such possibility would be foolish if you follow football very closely as the Dutch team topped the world cup qualifier group by winning 9 out of their 10 matches, drawing only just once. So, they are playing aggressively and will leave no way out for the underdogs. In fact, they would be eager to beat the Spanish team and finish as toppers of the group B. It is possible to see the Dutch team winning against the Spanish team as in the last encounter between them was a well fought 2-2 draw. 

So, the second day of the Fifa 2014 will see the rematch of the 2010 World cup finalists. It would be surely one of the most exciting matches to watch this time around as the Dutch team is in good form. Arjen Robben and Sneijder are in a prime form while, Van persie has been rusty playing for Manchester United this season barring an exceptional match in the UEFA champions league. Chile would surely have an outside chance somewhere because; they also have some great talents in the form of Alexis Sanchez, who plays for Barcelona and Arturo Vidal, Juventus Midfielder. 

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