A poor boy came dancing barefoot into the street and began kicking at the air as if he were kicking a football. But there was no ball. The men on the street smiled as they watched the acting like a real player. The boy was eight years old. His friends called him Pele.

More than anything else in the world, Pele, wanted to be a great football player. He took his football everywhere. It was his father’s old sock stuffed with newspapers and tied up with a string. It was as big as an orange and not very round, but he loved it. He spent all hi time kicking it down the street, dribbling it, aiming at street poles. He could do anything with it.

When he was a little older, Pele wanted to make his won team, but this wasn’t going to be easy. They needed uniforms and uniforms cost money. So Pele and his friends walked up and down the streets, poking into rubbish dumps collecting old bottles, metal pieces, old pieces of wood, anything they could sell. Finally, they made enough money to buy pants and shirts. They still could not buy shoes and socks, but that did not stop Pele. ``We will just be the seventh of September barefoot Team,’’ said Pole. That day is Independence Day of Brazil’s.

Football game

It is a very interesting game.

The barefoot team soon became famous and wanted to enter the big city tournament. This time, a traveling salesman helped them. He had heard of them and he provided the money for new uniforms, socks and shoes. Their team won all the games and suddenly they were in the finals. Pele was racing for the goal. The goalie tried to stop it want into the net. It was a goal. The crowd cheered, ``Pele, Pele.’’ He was a hero.

Pele was only seventeen years old when he was chosen for Brazil’s world cup team. That year, Brazil won the world cup for the first time. Pele had scored sis goals in three games. Pele’s team helped Brazil to win the world cup again and again. Pele scored 1220 goals in his career. People cal Pele the greatest football player who every lived.






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