A television screen is the portal for players of the virtual world. For this reason, it is important to make sure you buy the best TV for your gaming needs. Originally, I always play my game console in an old TV.Old TV that I bought in a thrift shop. A month ago, I was at my wits end with poor color and image quality poor. I decided to buy a new unit, but soon discovered that the selection of a new TV is more complicated than originally thought. This is a guide to help you choose the perfect game television.LCD vs PlasmaThere are two main types of TVs - LCD and Plasma. Here are some factors to consider when deciding on a type of television:.color of plasma screens - are capable of brilliant colors and vivid LCD.Burn-screen - Screen Burn-occurs when a static image on a screen is still too long "burn" the image permanent dark shadow on the screen. This problem occurs mainly on plasma screens. So if you constantly keep the game paused for long periods of time, an LCD may be right for you. Although this is becoming less common as manufacturers develop new technologies to prevent screen-burn, you should take this into account if you're thinking of buying one more, the plasma TV used.Glare - plasma screens tend to have a glossy finish. This can make the image difficult to see how light is reflected on the screen. If you are a player during the day, you can go to an LCD screen on your TV or move in a room under natural light.The greater angle of view - LCDs look great when viewing from the front. However, as you move from one side or the screen starts to look darker. Plasma screens often have a broader global vision. So if you have a group of friends sitting around Their TV game, outsiders may have more difficulty seeing the image you are using an LCD screen.Power Consumption - LCD televisions run cooler than plasma screens and have reduced fuel consumption. So if you are a consumer awareness of money or just trying to be kind to Mother Earth, an LCD is the way forward.Size MattersChoose the size of the television can have a major impact on the game. If too small, may have difficulty seeing the most important parts of the game. If the screen is large, you may find yourself struggling to see the entire screen at once. For example, if you're big into MMOs (Mass Multiplayer Online) games like Modern Warfare 2, it can be difficult to detect enemy players, because it is not only the screen area to display simultaneously. Personally, I found that a 42 "screen was the right size for me.ResolutionThe clarity and sharpness of images on the screen are determined by resolution of the TV. There are usually two resolutions on the market - 720 and 1080. The higher the number, the clearer the image. Since 1080 TVs are more expensive, take a look at the model of the TV screen to see if you really need the highest resolution.Refresh RateThe refresh rate tells you how fast charging screen when the image changes. If you play fast action game that a lot of screen activity, you might want to consider a higher refresh rate. If the refresh rate is too low, you can see some action sequences that seem a bit 'rough. Whatever the model chosen, plasma screens always have a refresh rate than LCD. There are three common types of available load LCD - 60 Hz, 120 Hz, and 250Hz.SoundThere is more of a TV screen its appearance. Another point to consider in detail is the sound. For the players, not only depends on what we see but what you do. The screen output of the model, mute with all the TV except for the testing. Turn the TV sound a bit 'higher than normal to adjust the volume on your house. If it sounds clear, you're ready to go.

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