Best toys for Preschoolers

I have great love for toys. Now I have accumulated a pretty good collection of toys. I take so much care in selecting the toys for my Little Angel since she has not yet started to ask for the things that she really loves. I have spent a lot of time and money in search of finding the best toys for her .So whenever I plan to get a toy for my girl I usually look at the brand, age appropriateness, Safety, Creativity and imagination involved, Easy to handle, Usage, Durability, and Price. The following is the refined list of the toys that I consider to be the best for Preschoolers.


I have Alphabet, Number, Shapes, and Animal wooden puzzles. My girl started to use all these when she was 18 months .She loves these puzzles a lot. Encourages children to learn Letters, number, shapes, and animals. Each board cost around 400 to 500 bugs. Worth enough to buy. Jigsaw puzzles (2, 3 piece) of various themes are available. It would cost less than 300.

 Lego Blocks

My girl loves this big box and even we both sit and play together. Improves the kid's creativity and imagination. Moreover this set won't break. Get only the blocks which are bigger. Great toy available for 700 and less depends upon the number of pieces.

Fisher Price – Little People Doodle pro

My girl loves the stampers in it. Enjoys drawing in it. I can teach her with that. No mess, easy to wipe. She enjoys by drawing the things she sees. Enhances the drawing skills of the child. Very good buy.

Memory Game

I got the Disney Princess Memory Game. It is a classic game of Milton Bradley. You have to turn over the cards to make pairs. The person with most no of matching pairs wins. U can start with about 10 cards and can increase the no's once the kid gets familiarized. It helps in improving the memory and the kids have a chance of knowing various Disney princess characters. This Memory Game is available in various packs like Dora, Original etc...

 Kid's laptop

I went from store to store looking for the kid's laptop. Most laptops had some flaws like it will be tougher for the kids to operate or the graphics will be worst. After all the searching I finally got Vtech Tote and Go Pink. It has 30 activities including ABC, Math, Games, and Music that keeps my girl occupied for hours. I am not fully satisfied with the graphics it has. But still this laptop is more fantastic for the kids to know about laptops.Wonderful toy at the best price.

Pretend and Play Toys

Kitchen Set – Any type of kitchen set is of great fun to kids. I got kitchen set along with a Kids play Tent. My girl usually plays with the Kitchen set inside the tent. My kid loves to play in group inside the tent. Kids have great fun with the kitchen set that too inside a Tent. Group play makes the kids to get socialize with each other and helps in developing the habit of sharing with each other.

Medical Kit- Kids loves to play with the medical kit.Any type is ok. But Fisher price Medical kit is good. Available at less than 500 bugs.

Abacus Board/ Piggy Bank

Kids need to know about counting. If they haven't learned to count they can learn counting from this board. Any type of Abacus board is ok. But wooden boards are durable. U can get it cheap. Or else you can get Toy Piggy Bank for your kids to learn counting.


Books are the best ones for kids of any age. A lot kids books are available .Start with First 100 words, Transportation, Animals and try selecting the books that have more pictures in it. Select some favorite Story reading books. Read as many books as you can because that is the only way that you can make your kids know that reading is fun.

 Watering Can

I got kids Watering Can for my girl to start watering for a potted Flowering Plant at our patio. She started to water it daily and she feels happy when the plant flowers. I used to talk to her a lot about plants. This gives a chance to make the kids to know about plants. 

Apart from all these my girl loves to have Soft plush Toys/Dolls with which she will be hanging all around. At least I believe girls would love to cuddle these toys. Girls also love to have Barbie, select a Barbie that suits most to their personality.

For Boys, Thomas tank engine, Cars from Hot wheels fascinate them the most. Both boys and Girls like to play with Ride- Ons, Cycle that suits for their age.I hope that i have comeup with a list that makes kids can have fun and they can learn while playing.


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