Commonwealth blame games: No sporting spirit, Whenever a big sports event (Olympics, Commonwealth games) takes place in country, its tourism, hotel industry, airlines, restaurents, media, and the people get benefited. This is a fortunate thing that this time such a big event, in which 54+ countries will partcipate directly and many others indirectly, is taking place in Delhi. Commonwealth Games is just a trial for Olympics , I feel India will get Olympics after 2020! Its country on the list , China already got in 2008 , Brazil now got for 2016 so by this calculation it should be on 2032 at least or before !


may be by that time only India and China will have majority of people in age group 15-25 and who knows other countries may outsource sports people!This would be a matter of humiliation for India if Delhi loses the auspicious opportunity of 2010 common wealth games.Inspite of economical slump Delhi did no forsake the possible development of the infrastructure. At this moment India must strive to procure this opportunity and adorn the glory of the country.

A.R Rehman has been signed up to compose the anthem of the Commonwealth Games that is to be held in New Delhi in the year 2010. Both Delhi and Centre Govt. are least bothered about this event.Delhi has to go through election sooon .where as centre is suffrering from econominc meltdown,blasts,job cuts, Indo-China boundary issue.This all has put the 2010 commmon wealth games in a lower priority level. Delhi's infrastructure has increased by leaps and bounds especially with the DMRC project and the huge number of beautiful flyovers.With that said, it is still unclean (the whole DDA fiasco in 2006 at the end of which our beloved Congress party defied Supreme Court's orders and changed the 2020 Master plan of Delhi).

Lets first concentrate on building our own infrastructure. Olympics is really big deal. Given our attitude and past performances (& current for commonwealth games) I don't believe we have what it takes to build anything for Olympics.We want Olympics and World cups and F1s in the country.But where do we stand wen it comes to performance.Making sports as a career is very expensive here.The real talent never comes out.Because they cant afford or they cant stand the dirty politics.We jus want to host the grand events.Because it'll bring in the cash and help the rich people get richer.what about participation and winning medals?

The Asian Games are in Guangzhou next year and already there is a buzz in the city for next years games.The Autorities have spent million on Advertisments to create a hysteria In India we'll just be happy if the games are not marred by terorirst activities! For common wealth games! Preparation is too slow,construction still over,commonwealth youth games were held in pune last year .It was held like our national games,opening and closing ceremony was pathetic ,and suresh kalmadi was proud of it by saying it was a great success.

I remember 7 years back when gavaskar and mandira had gone for the final bid .They played money game promised that India will give US$100,000 to each country to participating in games.That was the last time India show their enthusiasm.if i compare to china's opening and closing ceremony i think ours going to be embarrassing. i hope i am proved wrong in the end.Most of the Indians can't think beyond cricket,one good news is that football is becoming famous among Indian youth nowdays.

There's no point comparing the opening ceremony of the Delhi CWG to that of the Beijing Olympics. It's apples to oranges.To begin with Delhi has publicly announced that it will not try and compete with Beijing in terms of grandeur for the next Olympics.Next, there's a huge difference between Olympics and CWG.Third, I would rather see India spending money on the infrastructure behind the games, stadiums, roads, trains, athlete villages, etc than on the opening and closing ceremony. I'm hoping as much as any one else that the construction is finished in time and the games go as planned with no security concerns.

Commonwealth Games give our government a golden chance of corruption thats why they were keep delaying all important projects to get more and more time for making money from it.Now they are feeling some nerves not because Delhi may lose the chance to host Commonwealth Games but because their scam may come out, they themself were not expecting such a condition.They were thinking that they can manage to cover all the pending work at the last moment.About the delays shamelessly sports minister MS Gill is saying "It's like organizing an Indian marriage. This is India and we do it like this" now we have to pay double amount to construct all venues due to increase in the cost of raw materials.This is what if not the wastage of out tax money.

Commenwealth Nations would now be repenting for awarding 2010 Games hosting to India .Had it been given to even Malaysia instead , they would have done wonders than us. If we dont have the commitment, we should not accepted to Host such big event first of all.India even messed up with the hosting of first Commonwealth Youth Games in Pune, which was postponed because the stadiums were not made on time - which untimately discouraged some of the nations to pull their athletes at last moment . Ultimately which saw India taking advantage of the situation and winning that Youth games with the whatever remaining people attended that games.

Shame on Us ! Politicians are ruling Indian Sports. I hope stadiums dont fall, swimming pools doesnt remain empty of water leakage, I hope there is no fire breakout and water tanks become empty at same time, and so on.And spending of 16 billion dollars at the cost of the money from the already poor people in india is gonna develop Nation.Secondly if 80000 crore is over exagretted then i guess RTI has to be termed fake system becasue this figure has been revealed against one petition filed for RTI.congress govenment is incompetent to conduct one common wealth games and talks about competing with china who has already conducted an olympics successfully.where are we ?

1- The collection of VAT has been affected due to the slump in consumer market, so they recently increased 1% VAT. Now the main things if this that common people are suffering because of such stupid steps of government.

2- Rs 7,900 crore of total expenditure decided firstly for organising Commonwealth Games. After that they increased the budget to 8,300 crore, why what is the reason, are they so immature to evaluate the net expenditure, what the hell their committees and GOMs appointed for specifiation of this matter are doing. They are economical experts!

3- Cost of the projects is going up as the prices of raw materials like steel and cement have increased. So now what about the promises made by Manmohan singh regarding value oriented (actually games oriented) liberal policy of subsidy.

4- Sheila Dikshit had sought Rs 500 crore assistance to complete various projects related to the Games. Revenue oriented hike/slump badly effected the whole programme/schedule, and now believe me this common wealth effected people of Delhi in a very shrike and negative manner.

I feel India is purposely delaying it to insult the British who ruled on us in past.Indirectly to insult the Commonwealth.But Delhi and centre Govt of india should think that this Commonwealth games organising will only help us win Bids like Asian Games, Olympic games -So we as well as the Government should take it serious otherise -Its complete over of sports in India -Better say Ram Nam Satya and close all sports in India.I humbly request all Delhites to take out as much money as possible from Brits and Aussies by fair or unfair means during the event and give it for some charitable cause. All other nationalities are out guests and should be duly treated so.


The Commonwealth officials who visited delhi said they werent happy with the work done.If we arent good enough, the venue will shift from India to last host, Australia.Many of my friends already started saving money to go to the games.
when you are organizing such a big event then its not only infrastructure but the management and technical aspects as well which need equal attention, till now there is no ticketing system in place, nothing is planned for the opening and closing ceremonies,accomodation, healthcare and transport facilities are not upto the mark as of now.hope we will get there on time. just hope..

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