On July 27, 2012 start in London, the 27th Olympic Games. Heart of the third Olympics held in London is the brand new Olympic Park in the Lower Lea Valley, where space will be for 180,000 visitors. In May 2008 began the construction of the Olympic stadium.

London and the Olympics

London is the first city in the world that honor for the third time to organize the Olympic Games. The British capital, beating out Paris, New York, Madrid and Moscow. Previous editions of London's biggest sporting event in the world took place in 1908 and 1948. To the huge influx of athletes, media and visitors in the right direction, building a brand new London Olympic Park.

26 kinds of sports, 300 parts

Between July 27 and August 12, 2012 athletes compete for gold in 26 sports, representing more than 300 parts. After the Olympic Games in Beijing in 2008, the organization has decided to remove baseball and softball from the Olympic program. So these sports, we will never see again in London.

New stalls for women in 2012. Golf and rugby london just have not had a good chance to make it in 4 years to the Olympic sports to join. Tiger Woods is already in training!

The Olympics Visit

Ticket sales for the Olympic Games in London will start in 2011. In total about 7.7 million tickets sold. To encourage use of public transport, entrance ticket, each entitled to free use of buses, subways and trains.

A few days to London

Olympsiche the Games in 2012 are a perfect opportunity for a few days to go to London. Visit the Tower Bridge, Big Ben and Buckingham Palace. Take a stroll in Hyde Park and Kensington Park. Almost indispensable and London is a typical visit to a musical. Of course you can shop in London until you drop!

From the Netherlands there are several ways to London. Below a number of options, including the advantages and disadvantages.

Driving to London

By car take the journey from Dover to London via the Channel tunnel approximately 6 to 7 hours. The benefits of your own car, flexible times and the ability to make trips outside London. The disadvantage is that the journey is relatively long and that driving and parking in a big city is not easy (and expensive) is.

By train to London

In 2012, the HSL fully operational and you are expected to travel in less than four hours by train from Amsterdam to London. To encourage visitors to London by train to come close to the new Olympic stadium is a new station built for high speed trains.

By plane to London

Thanks to the large number of daily flights and a flight duration of less than one hour London is a popular flight destination. Right now you can fly with Easyjet or Ryanair for example less than 100 euros to London. KLM also scheduled as regular offers to the British capital. The door-to-door time of a flight to London is similar to that of high speed trains.

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