Tuck Cycling offer the huge advantage of being very compact, easy to transport and quick to store. Bending or folding bikes are found in all shapes, sizes and prices are.

Folding or folding bicycles

A folding or fold bike is a bike that is designed is that you can fold into a compact shape, transport and storage of the bike easier. The bike is so compact that you can take it anywhere: to the workshop, on the bus or train, car, boat or airplane, etc. in a camper.

The bending or folding mechanisms vary from brand to brand. The combination of compactness, speed of folding, folding convenience, drive behavior, weight and durability of the folding bike folding bikes determine whether or not more expensive than the non-folding bikes or traditional bikes.

A variant sometimes categorized as a folding bike, the break-away model. The break-away model can not really be labeled as a folding bike but it stands out because you dismount the bike instead of the bicycle to fold.


Military interest in these bikes had been since the year 1890, with the French army folding bikes used as infiltration technique. Mikael Pedersen in 1900 developed a folding bicycle for the British army only 7 pounds. The folding bike included a geweerrek and was used in the Second Boer War. WWII British Airborne BSA folding bicycle, was used from 1939-1945 during the Second World War by British paratroopers. Folding of a very small size was used during parachute jumps from airplanes. The folding bike was also used by British paratroopers on D-Day and the Battle of Arnhem.

Compactness of folding bikes

While folding bicycles are smaller in size than conventional bikes, the distances between the center of the bottom bracket, the top of the saddle and handlebar generally similar to that of conventional bicycles. The design of the wheelbase is similar to that of conventional non folding bikes. Some manufacturers even produce folding bikes that allow 26-inch wheels to use on a folding bike. A good example is the Montague Corporation.
The A-bike is similar to the Strida, but has smaller wheels and is generally more compact. We also have the Brompton (a smaller version) and the collapsible kick scooter. Regardless of how the bike folds, the result remains the same for all bikes fold: that they are easy to transport and easier to store than the ordinary bicycle.

Some examples are:

* A-bike

* Bike Friday

* Birdy

* Bridgestone Picnica

* Brompton Bicycle

* Dahon

* Melon Cycling

* Montague Bikes

* Pedersen bicycle

* Raleigh Twenty

* Strida

* Swift Folder

* Tikit

Folding methods

There are different folding mechanisms. Most bikes follow the classic model but have a pivot point (single or dual hinges), so the bicycle can be folded approximately in half. With quick clamps to the handlebar and the seat easily and quickly increased or decreased. A similar hinge can also be used for the steering column. The compactness parameter strongly influences the size of the wheels. Therefore, producers tend to use smaller wheels. For example, most 24-inch wheels used in flip hinge only 20 or 16 inch wheels are not uncommon.

The use

The lack of good bike sheds and bike places to bus and train stops, the folding bicycle is often the only and best solution if you want to combine bike and train. For some years, the folding bike for free on trains and taken to be unpacked.

Folding bikes are particularly suited for urban use. They are mainly used by commuters who use the bicycle several times a day, so buy a folding bicycle that is compact, easy to fold and transport. Others find it particularly important that the bike as compact as possible folded and stored. It is possible to transport your folding bike in your luggage during the flight to your favorite destination at no extra cost. Or people who live in an apartment, are also the advantages of a folding bike because of its compactness.

Price folding bike

Would you buy a folding bike for everyday use, it is certainly advisable to buy a decent bike. The prices of the folding bikes are quite high compared to traditional bikes but it can be a good investment if you do this the car at home or even save time by no longer having to wait for bus or tram.

The risk of theft is reduced if your bike can take anywhere. The prices of folding bikes are highly dependent on the folding mechanism and the driving comfort. With little use you can opt for a cheaper brand of folding bike. They are usually cheaper because they are less well-folded but they are available almost everywhere. They usually have larger wheels and it is even possible to hang bags on the bike. So, not for daily use but better equipped.

A popular and highly convenient folding bike, the Brompton (base) with three gears without luggage rack, fenders and light, and the cost to 740 euros. The Dahon Roo / Presto that comes to 680 euros and the Blue Birdy at Euro 1350, let us put in second place in the list of best folding bikes. The Blue Birdy can be viewed as the sporty model of folding bike and has been for many, fast cycling and long but folds less dense and more expensive.

Tips for buying

Below we give some tips for those considering a folding bike to buy:

* Ask yourself: is the folding bike for daily use or just for a short vacation trips.

* For the more energetic there are also sports folding bikes on the market that are lighter and more compact.

* Go to advice from people who already have purchased a folding bike.

* An aluminum folding bike is lighter and does not rust.

* May opt for a second folding bike to cut costs.

* Cycling fold often have fewer problems with theft but if you do still need to leave unexpectedly, it helps provide you with a chain around him somewhere on a rack to capture. As a precautionary measure all components along like the saddle, handlebars etc.

* There are already folding bikes on the market with electric drive (Avelo).

* There are also chainless folding bicycle making it unnecessary to make your hands dirty (Beixo).

* Try a folding bike before you buy it.

* On the Internet, a lot of information and videos can be found on folding bikes.

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