A notice was displayed on the notice board about the `national sports meet’ for schools in Chandigarh. The children were given the schedule of the entire trip. The sports coach of the area and a couple of teachers and a doctor accompanied the school children participating in the games. They left Mumbai and reached Chandigarh in time for the sports meet.

 There ere school pupils from all over India i.e. From Maharashtra, Gujarat, Utter Pradesh., Madhya Pradesh., Bihar, Delhi, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Orissa and Bengal.

At first, the school students were confused as they had never met such a mixed group of students. 

The organizer gave them opportunities to talk mix together and dine together. The coaches and the teachers encouraged them to forget all difference and be like one family in an Olympic Village. 

As per the schedule given the `sports meet’ started.

 The organizer’s acquainted the participants with the rules and regulation to be followed. It began with the March past of the participants and the chief dignitaries took the salute. The sports lamp was lighted. The participants took the flowing oath:

`I hereby state that I shall play with the utmost sincerity and to the best of my ability for the state and institute I represent. I shall treat all participants as my brothers and sisters and shall not have any ill-feeling for any state or institution.

 `I pledge my devotion to sports and shall abide by the decision of the judges.’

 After the oath –taking ceremony, the items commenced.

 It was a tough competition between states and the various institutions. Everything went on as per schedule.

 The organizers had planned the first day as North Zone, the second as South Zone day, the third as western Zone day, and the fourth as East Zone day and the fifth and the last day as integration Day.

 The food served on the particular day was according to the zone, allotted to that day. Some time was allotted for the students of that zone to present a program characteristic of the culture of that particular zone. This was to be supplemented by an exhibition of the festivals and traditional, arts and crafts of the zone of the day.

 The pupils were all deeply involved in preparing for the exhibitions and programs. They enjoyed each and every moment of the national sports meet’. As they mixed with one another they learnt a lot their experiences widened.

 On the fifth day after the integration Day, and the singing of the community song, the time had come to say good-bye. They felt that the time they got to spend with one another was too short. Finally, they had a buffet lunch there was a combination of food items from every zone. They bade good-bye to one another after the closing ceremony and left for their homes.

 The whole experience was a memorable one and had spread the message of universal brotherliness among the pupils. After returning to their school, they had lots to share with their parents, teachers and friends. They had developed the habit of seeking the good of the greatest number instead of thinking only of themselves.

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