1. One of the most Obvious question for the ages especially in the developing countries like India, Pakistan, Africa had been why should a kid waste his time by playing games ?? and after that this has been the question for every father and mother in India and I hope this Article should  help them understand the insight inside how playing games can improve their real life.

2. Let us begin with a statistic which will help us get some more interest into the topic, according to the latest statistic taken  it has been concluded that people nearly spend more than twenty hours playing games per week in a gaming spread country like Europe and America. Second most worrying statement but a good one is kids spending this time on games is the same time as they spend to study from class five to twelve so that means they spend the same time playing games as studying in school during their teens.

3. Let us see why people Play Games so much in the developed countries and how is it going to solve the world problems. Playing games online has benefitted them because that helps to get away from suffering they are going through in real life so they escape to games and feel better. Playing games helped them to feel confident because there they quickly get rewards, achievement points, increased intelligence, increase health points, new friends etc.

4. Playing games online has helped to join groups are they are welcome to join new groups and do things together and if their levels match they do more things together and are ready to do hard work and they do it very responsibly. People readily trust them and quickly start working together without any ego and other problems.

5. Let's come to the main highlights of the topic which will help you feel better and perform better in life. If u see people playing games they will be very optimistic and will be ready to solve challenges and try again very quickly to solve the game and finish it soon so one can notice that games helps one to face problems and then get back to they with increased interest and joy to solve it again.

6. Second most important point is they are ready to do the hard work and join groups to achieve a target and in real life it will help to make friends easier and cooperate with them so this will increase the network among them which will in turn increase the opportunity for them.

7. When People who finish a game they feel that they can tackle a problem on their own and they will be ready to solve any problem by themselves taking all the initiatives.

8. Finally we can see that people who are playing games are happier when they play rather than just resting or relaxing so this proves we can have blissful work without any stress

Games Play an important role in a kid's life, let them play and study that will benefit them more rather that just studying in life !! 

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