Playstation is known to be the one of the most amazing gaming gadget of 21st century.The makers of this gadget is SONY.This company does not require any introcuction since its one of most renowned company in the world when it comes to electronics.

Initially Sony intorduced music systems/TV and Digital Cameras in the market and after enjoying the suceess they came into the gaming market.

There was a time when people use to play 8Bit and 16Bit video games.Contra and Mario were known to be the most popular games at that time however in that era Sony Launched its fitst Playstation 1.

Playstation 1 was the first gaming device which use to run on CD's.At that time there was not comparision between 8/16 Bit video game and Playstation.It managed to change the overall gaming experience of the gamers.After playing high resolution games on Computers people started diverting towards playstation.

Apart from Games, Playsation 1 also gave their consumers an option where they can view Pictures and movies.

Most Popular game on Playstation 1 were

Smack down 1,2,3,Brian Lara Codemasters cricket,Lara Croft Tomb Raider.

After a Positive response Sony launched the upgraded version of Playtion which was named as Playstation 2


Sony got lot of changes in the new and advanced playstation 2.In Terms of Looks playstation 2 was very slim as compared to 1.Sony also brought lot of graphical changes to playstation 2 which made the games look more appealing and attractive.The major change in Playstation 2 was the controller.Playstation 2 can support upto 8 user at the same time.when Playstation 2 was launched,SEGA launched "DREAMCAST" Which was known to be more advanced as compared to Playstation 2.However Dreamcast failed to attract lot of gamer since it had lot of Limitation.

1) It did not support Movies or Music.

2) Quality of games were very poor

3)Games were very Limited as compared to playstation 2

Since the size of playstation 2 was preety big sony decided to launch Playstation 2 mini.This device was as small as a notebook and it was very cheap in terms of price.

Most Popular games in Playstation 2

1)Resident evil


3)Maxpayne 1,2 etc

Finally in 2008,Sony Launched Playstation 3.


Playstation 3 is said to be one of the cheapest Blue ray player in the world.this gadget has lot of different features as compared to playstation 1 and 2.The feature what i liked was the wireless controller where i dont need to sit very close to the tv to play games.Apart from playing games one can surf on the internet on playstation 3 and access different website and watch online videos.Playstation 3 has hard drive installed in it so you can store music,games and movies.This is only gaming gadget in the word which allows you to watch 3d Movies.

After few months of its Lauch sony Launched the Playstation Move through which one can play virtua games


After looking at all this i literally feel that sony has taken  the world to a different dimension when it comes to enjoying games.


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