Games are the best stress busters and are essential for all of us. Games gives us a good workout, burns our calories, entertains us, increases the oxygen supply, develops us physically and prepares us for a stressful life.

Games are of two types:

  1. Indoor and
  2. Out door games

Indoor games are the games which are played inside i.e. in a covered stadium and has following features.

  • These games doesn’t require physical strength.
  • These games are based on our mental strength
  • These games are played between 2 or 4 players at the max
  • Gives an opportunity to display mental strength and
  • Are not effected by the bad whether (rain, storm, wind etc)

Some of the popular indoor games are Table Tennis, Squash, Badminton, Chess, Billiards, Snooker etc

Table Tennis is an indoor game which is played on a table and between two players. This game is popular all over the world and is played in Olympics, Asian games, Common Wealth Games etc. Squash is another indoor game which is played between 2 players in a see through glass chamber. In this game players hit a Squash ball one by one and the player who misses a hit loses the point. Snooker is similar to a Carrom board. This game is very stylish. In this game Snooker balls are potted through a Q-ball and a Q-stick. A player who manages to pot all the balls first wins the game.

Out door games are the games which are played outside and has the following features:

  • Are played in an open stadium or a field
  • Are physical in nature
  • Requires more players or teams
  • Gives an opportunity to display strength
  • Requires running and
  • Are effected by the bad whether.

Some of the popular outdoor games are Cricket, Football, Hockey, Basket Ball, Lawn Tennis etc

Basket ball is an outdoor American game which is played and liked all over the world. This game demands:

• Good height

• Quick response

• Good stamina and running

from its players. In this game 2 teams compete with each other and who ever scores maximum baskets wins the game. Michael Jordon is a popular star player of this game. Cricket is a national game of England and is very physical in nature. This outdoor game is played between 2 teams of 11 each. The team which makes more runs wins the match. Football is also known as Soccer and is very popular in the Europe and United States. This game is played between two teams and who ever scores maximum goals wins the game.

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