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Summer Olympics is going to start from 27th July 2012 in London. Everyone in the world would be excited to see different players, competing and each one would like to see their country’s players winning. I am very excited to see Indian Players to win lots of medal for their Country. Olympics Organization has done a huge effort to prepare the Olympic Village, where 26 sports will be organized. Any Country, who hosts such a sport, has huge responsibilities to show their Country, that there are best. On the Opening Ceremony London will show their Culture to the World. Many Indian fans will also go to London to witness these amazing sports.

The opening of these sports would be done by Princess of England Queen Elizabeth and her Prince Fillip. The Artistic Director of the Opening Ceremony is Danny Boyle, who has made the Oscar film ‘Slumdog Millionaire’. Rick Smith and Karl Hyde are made the music director. We are going to see a huge good performance by lots of celebrities. I have also heard that Shakespeare’s play will also be performed. 

There would be more than 14,000 Athletes that would be participating in different sports. There would be 200 Countries who are participating in Olympics. From India, 81 Players have gone in London for getting lots of medals. A total of 142 Members including coaches, Managers, doctors have gone to London to represent India. This is the first time, India has send these many players.

I still remembered that in 2008 Beijing Olympics only 56 players had qualified. This time it is 81 players who have qualified for Olympics. This suggests that India is slowly increasing the facilities and have started giving more importance in different sports other than Cricket. I have huge expectations from our 81 Contingent who have gone there in London. I expect more than 10 medals from our players. This is the third time London is hosting Olympics Games.

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