As the time passes by so grow our responsibilities. We are eventually subjected to earn a living and get a life. But one question that every individual must have in his mind is 'what did he really achieve?'. In the world today we are just competing and thus subsiding our dreams. We aim to have an upper hand in life, get a good job and settle down.

A student in the world today is subjected to intense pressure all round. Be it the pressure from parents, or from teachers or our institutions. The epidemic growth in the number of colleges has undoubtedly got students a chance to be a part of the technical and managerial world but is this knowledge really worth?

The sharpest minds of our nation compete to get good grades. Its not their fault, they are shaped like that in these institutions. The growing pressure of marks, attendance, placements just increases the gap between knowledge and skills manifolds. Is this knowledge really worth? Can we really make them learn by pressurizing them?

This is the trend in various growing institutions. These institutions in our country are producing unbranded products who don't really last very long and their demand is very low in the market outside. These institutions have low grade teachers but they still expect their students to be the best and so all they respect is grades and not talent. These institutions kill the real self of an individual and convert them into robots who are built to work under any circumstances. These institutions are promoting the hatred towards talent and focus on grades. Engineering is one field where students suffer at the hands of their institutions. 'Attendance' ,'Grades', 'Marks', 'Assignments' are some the terms they live with and 'knowledge' is nowhere to be seen.

Eighty percent of these engineers would not know what they really studied in their four years span and so our country has poor engineers. The practical knowledge in these institutions is minimal and they focus on theoretical studies which spoils their overall aptitude and technical skills. We need a program where youth can really understand themselves and can gain the real knowledge to be the best in their fields. Overall development of the youths of our nation can lead to a healthy nation.

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