The morning walk or jogging is good for the health. Those are also best and easy exercises. It keeps your mind as fresh.

I start my day’s routine with the morning walk. This is the best start of the day that one can have. The morning walk enables me to maintain good physical and mental health. The atmosphere in the morning is healthy and refreshing. The greenery of the open garden the beauty flowers, the fragrance of the atmosphere all brace my body and refresh my soul. I admire the beauty of nature, the coolness of the fresh air, the calmness of the atmosphere.

I go for the morning walk in the company of my friend who is a partner of the business. We discuss many interesting things on the way. This helps in our mental growth. The purity of the air seems to give us a strange sense of freshness and originality.

Morning walk has become a permanent feature of life. I get up five in the morning after easing my self I set out for a long walk with my friend. Some times we walk briskly, and some slowly. When we go slowly along the distance to the city where the pathway is not so free, we slow down our speed for discussion. As soon as we have crossed the city gates we are in the open atmosphere of the outskirts of the city, we move fast, in hailing free air. On reaching the garden, we have a little race which gives us the chance to give free movement to our legs and limbs. In the garden we walk and run barefoot on the grass covered with dew drops.

The morning walk gives us a new spirit and inspires us to grace our day-to-day life in a healthy and cheerful manner.



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