The Other Face of Andre Agassi


For Andre Agassi tennis was a prison. This revelation has come from not an ordinary achiever in life. Yes, Andre Agassi, an icon in tennis world. The tennis lovers all over the world would fondly remember him as a tennis player with flambuoyant image. Recently he published his autobiography “Open” with his no-holds-barred style and an instant hit on the bookstands. Ironically it has open up a fllodgate of controversies with it. In fact, averitable Pandor's Box.


Andre Agassi was a class act as his career stasitics would reveal.Apart from winning quite a number titles in various tournaments, his success in Grand Slam is pretty enviable. Out of 15 apearances he made in Grand Slam tournaments, He won 8 singles titles . He has to his an Olympic Gold medal too in singles. In 1999 when he registered his win in the singles in the French Open he had the distinction to achieve the rarest feat of single career Grand Slam. Thus he emulated the feat of some other tennis greats like Budge,Perry,Laver and Emerson. The current champion tennis star Roger Federer too has achieved this glorious feat.


To get back to his autobiography and its contents and what makes it so special. In this work he has shocked the tennis world by a frank admission to taking crystal methamphetamine thus adding another sordid chapter to the use or abuse of drugs in the realm of sports and games. But what has truly confounded and confused both his friends and foes is its timing .Why did he make this admission after three years retiring from the game? Let them work out the motive behind. What his autobiography has incontrovertiably brought to the surface is the seamy side of the sports world, the inhuman competition and the killing pressure that it brings with forcing a superster to call the very game a prison which fetched fame and money. What an irony of fate!

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