It is sad that a sound mind exists only in a sound body. For every man physical health is as important as anything else. Sports and games come into picture in dis regard. They can keep us physically fit and mentally laert. Hence their importance.

Sports and games bring out the best in a man. They help one have a good physique. Besides, they teach man the impotance of qualities like discipline and team spirit. Regular participation in sports creates a broad outlook and drives away narrowmindedness. While playing a game one has to co-operate with the other players. One learns the art of co-existence and working together. Games are played according to strict rules. Participants learn how to abide by these. This, by extension, makes them dutiful citizens of society.

Sports and games sharpen one's wits and resourcesfulness. A player has to develop necessary tactics on the playfield and this keeps him ever alert. He has to take the right decision in a spilt second. Thus his mental reflexes are kept keen. In a sportsmsn physical perfection and mental shrewdness go together. He also reslises the value of collective action: A sense of sacrifice is inculcated in the sportsman. Individual interests are sacrificed for the sake of the team. Games like chess are a test to the player's mental calibre.

A true sportsman takes everything in his stride. He is not worried by defeat. He devalops the right atitude to life and it's problems. He does not give into circumstances in an hour of crisis. He always retains the balance of his mind.

Sportsman have bright chances in life. They are encouraged with a number of incentives including attractive jobs. Moreover these days sports and games have turned lucrative. Games like tennis and cricket are now sources of huge earnings. Besides, sportsman gain international fame. Names like Tendulkar and Ronaldo are now household onces. Thus sports are the gateway to international recognation.

Sports and games have their unique achivements. They bring the nations of the world toghether. Even hostile nations meet on the playfield. Cricket tests between pakistan and india are an example of this. International goodwill is promoted through games. Events like the olympics are the meeting ground for players from all corners of the world. Thus sports and games add a new dimention to man's life.




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