"Sport - A Modern Hunting Ritual", a lesson by Desmond Morris gives a new interpretation to sporting Spirit. The author compares the game with hunting. The Footballer is the hunter with his weapon, Football. He uses his weapon to catch the prey - the goal. When he achieves scoring a goal, he enjoys the hunter's triumph of killing hie prey.

Oue ancestors spent a longtime in hunting. They became chasers, runners, throwers and prey killers. They corporated a s skillful male-group attackers. After this, our ancestors changed their mode of getting food. They became farmers. They began to avoid facing risks and the uncertainties of the hunt.

Hunting for necessity was replaced by hunting for sport. The aim of hunting was no longer to avoid starvation. People began to hunt for pleasure and pride. The definition of the term "Sport" was "a pastime aforded by the endeavour to take or kill wild animals". The Romans brought the hunt into the city and staged in a huge arena where thousands could watch the prey-killing. The Spanish bull fight is another example.

An alternative solution was introduced to transform the activities of hunting into other patterns of behaviour. "Why indeed kill any animal at all?". The Greek introduced athletics. The athletes experienced the same physical activities of hunting. In recent times ball games were introduced.

Polo was introduced in ancient Persia, Hockey in Egypt and Football in Ancient China. The prime aim of the game is to win. Now sports has become a competitive behaviour.

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