Temple run is the famous endless running game. This game is quite entertaining and pure fun, and it is quite addictive too. I am sure the one who having android or ios device, have surely experienced this game. As it became so famous in short time for both famous mobile operating system, now Imangi Studios have released the second part of this exciting game for both os. They had launched the Temple Run 2 game for IOS devices last week and promised that they will launch the same game for android in next week. Now as they promised today they have launched the Temple Run 2 for android device too. I am sure many temple run fans will enjoy this game. 

Here are some information regarding this game for both ios and android smart phones.

Size of the game: Unlike other big 3d games, Temple Run 2 will not consume more memory in your mobile device even it is having great 3d graphics. It only consumes around 33 MB of memory in installing this game which is really low if we compare it to other 3d games. 


IOS: It requires 4.2 or above iso version to run this game. So unfortunately ios devices with lower version like iphone 2g and 3g are not compatible with this game.

Android: In android this requirement is not that much issue. Minimum requirement is only 2.1 or higher version of android. So I am sure all android users will able to enjoy this game.

What is Temple Run Actually?

Temple Run is one of popular game for android and IOS device. It is available for free for both phones. Temple Run is actually endless running game in which you have to control one person who is running in some temple kind of location with endless track. During this endless run they have to face lots of problems and obstacles. During running users have to move/swipe their character on both side, have to jump and slide down for saving the character from different obstacles and many other things. So it is like pure fun. The most important thing is that once you start playing it, you will try to beat your previous score and your friends score again and again. This game is having lots of power ups and other upgrades which make it even more addictive.  So in short it is quite addictive. Now let’s move towards Temple Run 2.

What is new in Temple Run 2?

If someone enjoyed the temple run game, I am sure they will double enjoy its second part. Imangi Studios have given more cool 3d graphics to this game in compare of first one. In the first part they have given some temple (temple in the jungle) kind of location, but in this one they have moved the character to whole different level with lots of changes. Now we have the location at mountain. Now user is running in the mountain cliffs, zip lines, mines and the forest. So these different locations with running, jumping, turning and sliding are making the gaming experience of this game even better. In this game we are getting whole new and difficult obstacles in compare of first temple run game. Plus here user is doing lots of exciting and new stuffs like flying on rope from one mountain cliff, moving from one mine to another mine in the trolley and many more during the whole running. Plus we having many new power ups and upgrades in this game in compare of the first Temple run game. So if we compare all these things with first part of temple run, user is getting much more different and exciting stuffs in this new version.

temple1    temple2

So in short this second new part is perfect. But surely difficulty level has been increased lot in compare of the first part. So let me suggest, if someone haven’t played the first part yet, better you go for the first part first and then for this latest game. Because this can be little bit difficult for you. 

So this is it. I think I have given enough information regarding temple run game and its latest upgraded version. If you haven’t tried them, you surely are missing real fun. Try it.

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