Teen Patti Octro game is becoming quite popular these days. Almost all people are playing it, not only playing; in fact they are just crazy about winning the chips and money. I have played many online games on my mobile but this one is having surely big amount of active users, even I got many of my friends playing this game, almost 25% of my Facebook friends.

I have heard lot about hacking this game and getting the unlimited coins for the game play. Let me tell you not only this is wrong and illegal but also all those are the fake things. No one can actually hack such online multiplayer games. So don’t fall for those who are saying that you can have unlimited coins with help of some kind of hacking tool. No need to do that. Go for proper way.

There are another ways that you can get free coins for this game and that also with legal way. So you don’t need any kind of hacking which is illegal. Here they are.

First method: When you are login into the game with your facebook id or anything you can see chip icon at the bottom right side. From that section you can purchase the coins. From the same place you will also see the free coins option, just go for it. From here you will get different kind of tasks, and by completing them you will earn free coins for the game. Don’t worry, some tasks are very simple like you just need to download some kind of apps from the list and you will earn the decided amount of coins, that’s it. Some of them are paid one but for them you will earn big amount of coins too. Check out the image so that you get idea about available tasks.

Second method: I don’t think I need to explain more about this task. You all know that all users are getting daily coin bonus when they are login into game. So if you are out of coin then just stop playing game for a week or so, but keep login into the game daily for getting bonus. Remember without login into game you will not get any reward. So like that in a week you can get decent amount of coins for starting your game again.

So that’s it. You can get free coins for your game like both ways. No need to fall for any kind of cheap hacking trick which be serious for your computer because of some kind of virus threat. As they all tell you to download some kind of file or software to do hacking and it is surely risky.


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