One time foreign tour was a dream to many, but now it becomes easy. If you have wish and also money then you can go to any foreign country on a tour. Many agencies are providing all facilities including passport and visa. They arrange all necessities. Here some details about Australia.


It is a island, located in southest of Asia and nearby the island of Tasmania. This country is bounded on the north by Timor Sea and Aratua Sea. The Indian Ocean is also on the south and west. It may be one of the smallest continents of the world but it is the sixth largest country in the world. Canberra is the capital of Australia and Sydney is the largest city of Australia. It has six states named- New Southwales, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria and Western Australia.

Bridge and mountain:

The Sydney Horbour Bridge is one of the longest single arch bridges in the world and Sydney Opera house is also famous destination. Australia is a country of many beautiful mountains also. Uluru which is also called as Ayer Rock is sad as the largest individual rock mass in the world. It is located in central Australia with 3.6 KM long and 348 meter height.  Rock painting is also famous here.

Rivers and lake:

Burdekin, Fitzroy, Hunter are some famous name of rivers in Australia. Fitzroy River is a largest drainage basis in Queensland. The Murray River is also a big river. For the various kinds of rivers Australia is called as channel country. So during rainy season it is not so safe to go there.

Many major and natural lakes of Australia hold some natural beauties but these lakes contain salt water.

Climate of Australia:

There are some climatic differences among various part of Australia. Northern side is tropical but southern part is some temperate. A major portion of land area has only two seasons- a hot, wet and worm season and dry season. So the climate varies from part to part. It is better to be informed about climate condition before planning to go there.

Natural resources:

Australia is called a rich country in mineral resources. Bauxite, coal, iron ore, mineral sands, natural gas, nickel, petroleum all are available here. There are also some famous deserts here to see. However this country has become one of the leading positions in agriculture. 

Plants and animals:

Australia is famous for plant and animal life also. Many plants and animals species are endemic that means these are not naturally occurred. Some of them are developed in Australian continent only. Some examples are –European rabbits, American prickly pear cactus etc. Mangroves are very special to see here.

Pine forests are famous in Australia also. Jarrah and Karri species of eucalyptus and several species of grass are also very attractive. Red and yellow Kangaroo is also famous here. Koola is a famous mammal which can be seen in the forest of eastern Australia. So Australia is famous for many scented lowers, mammals, reptiles, frogs birds etc.

Popular cities to visit:

1.Sydney: Sydney is a famous city and popular also in Australia with Sydney Harbour bridge. There are also many other places in Sydney also to visit like museum, forest, wild lives and also the famous stadium.

2.Melbourne: It is the second largest city of Australia. It has a renowned park, stadium, and also some visible places including some churches.

3.Perth: It is the capital of Western Australia and famous for Swan River. It is also famous place for culture with several universities and museums.

4.Brisbane:  It is the capital of Queensland and famous for Brisbane river. It is also famous for some natural beauties and site sceneries. Trade center and transport system is also famous.

There are also some other places where anyone can go like Adelaide, Canberra etc. Better to search in some site on net. Some travel agencies provide some information also with some packages.

Now Tourism:

Each state of this territory of Australia is famous and attractive to tourists. Many people from many countries go there as tourist and visit many places. Parks, zoos, art galleries, museums, mines, factories, national parks and many other historical places are here in Australia. Kokadu National park in the northern state, spectacular Great Barrier Reef of Queensland, famous beaches and forests of Brisbane and in Sydney are very special and may be a hot destination for all.

Communication system, culture and custom of peoples, transportation are also very good. The health and welfare facilities of Australia Govt. are also very important. They are very alert to provide all facilities including medical and hospital facilities. Administration is also very active and couscous to maintain the rule and regulations.

So don’t late. Plan and go for a foreign tour to Australia. They always welcome tourists. 


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