Dubai is one of the great tourist and financial centers of the world. not many may be aware that Dubai airport is the second busiest airport in the world after  JF Kennedy airport of New York. Last year Dubai handled 61 million passengers. The best part is that Dubai has a strong India connection and 30% visitors are from India.  In addition a massive expatriate work force  from India ( majority from Kerala) toil away in the city which for many is "El Dorado" the city of gold.

Dubai attracts visitors and tourist with great entertainment  exhibitions and carnivals.  There are the traditional belly dances and sand safaris, but the city hosts exhibitions and fairs that are unique  and exciting. Dubai is now  hosting the Marvel Comics fair. Everybody knows that Marvel Comics have  carved a niche for them in the field of entertainment. They publish comics( picture stories) of  characters that have become a part of our life.   Thus teh Marvel Comics  bring to the fore characters like Mr America, Batman, Green Lantern, Superman and many more. these characters have also been adapted by hollywood and a string of hit films have graced the screen.

The Marvel Comics fair is a entertainment mela( to use the Indian terminology) and show cases rides and games associated with the superheroes published by marvel Comics. It is an excellent expose of marvel Comics and even if you are not a fan of the super heroes brought forth by Marvel Comics, you can't but be in awe at this stupendous exhibition.

2 Emirates National Auto Museum

The entry to the exhibition is 100 AED( $25) and once inside you are witness to a string of pavilions with the most modern gadgetry like super cars, thrilling rides and a peep into the makeup of the superheroes. There are plenty of eating joints and one can spend an entire day there. No problem about getting Indian food as so many stalls cater to Indians with dishes from Punjab to Tamil Nadu.Inside it's a veritable gala atmosphere as many visitors turn up in the fancy dresses of the super heroes.

The exhibition can be reached by taxi or you can take a public bus.  Once inside the exhibition the futuristic atmosphere will awe you. You can see 22nd century car models and space ships. You can see the super heroes in action as their animated models do all sorts of tasks including firing laser guns. Simply put it's great entertainment and in case one is planning a holiday to Dubai  now , a visit to  the Marvel Comics exhibition must be part of the itinerary.You will love a ride in the super car. One hopes such an exhibition can be held in India.

Photo is by Me of my friend in the car


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