Nagaland is an Indian state in the North East of India. It is a mountainous terrain covered with thick forests. It borders Burma and was the scene of a ferocious battle between the British Indian Army and the Japanese Imperial force in 1944. Remnents and memories of this epic battle dot the entire Nagaland with well kept graves of soldiers and tablets.

Nagaland is inhabited by tribes, who were at one time head hunters. They were civilized by the English and are now among the most modern in terms of dress and daily life in India. Naga girls invariably wear short skirts and display the best legs in India. They are 99% Christian with the remaining being Sikhs and Muslims.

I was posted in this region nearly 2 decades back as a young Flight Lieutenant. I was extremely happy to be there and landed my chopper in all the ALG( Advanced Landing Ground) of the state. There was not much of insurgent activity and whatever was there was with the aim of extracting money from the government for " Surrendered Militants".

I had a Naga army officer, who was my friend and he took me to the weekly public dance. Such an activity doesent happen anywhere in India except Bangalore. He introduced me to a lovely girl. She was Naga and I requested a dance. She smelt of perfume and everything nice. Finally we danced close to the lilting tunes of Louis Armstrong and Kenny G. She told me her name and gave me a number.

I had a Royal Enfield and I requested for a drive with her. We began to date and one fine day she even invited me home. Those are cherished moments and form the theme of my new novel. I roamed on my bike with her, through mountains and jungle roads, all maintined by the BRO( Border Roads Organization). We sat in coffee  Houses  and dined at a Punjabi dhaba. She loved to have drinks and we often carried the best Indian whiskey Peter Scot. Those were great days.  I suggested that would she leave Nagaland? No, she replied and the man she would marry, must stay in Nagaland.

What could I do? Air HQ posted me to Baghdogra in North Bengal and it was time to leave. We had a last tumultous drive, plenty of whiskey and a night under stars. Does the tale end? No I came back a few years later and rang her up. Her mother answered. She recognised me and told me that my girl was in USA. She was married and happy. I didn't want to know anthing more and realised the words of Lord Krishna" not a leaf moves without my will".

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  1. pinakin thakre

Truly a very sweet little story

  1. MG Singh

Thank you Pinakin Thakre for appreciating the story.

  1. mohan manohar

Brilliant short story, as theme of short story is there is neither beginning or end to the story line, and this saga of this story exactly says so, still I could not understand, she does not want to go out from that state but now she is. haha.

  1. MG Singh

Thank you Mohan for reading and commenting

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