Abu Dhabi and Dubai are two places that are visited by millions of tourists every year. I have now been in Abu Dhabi for quite some time and the wonders of the place never seem to stop to enthrall me. Abu Dhabi has lovely game parks and resorts where one can spend time. These are some of the best in the world. Its hard to imagine that just six decades back Abu Dhabi was little more than a fishing village. 

One of the resorts worth visiting is the Mercure Resort, situated high up in the Jebel Hafeet mountains. This is the highest mountain range in the UAE and rises to a height of about 5000 ft. The resort which is a five star luxury hotel is at a height of about 4900 ft. At this height it becomes pretty cold in winter and its best to carry some woollens with you.

The resort overlooks the plains below and its an awesome sight. The road to the resort marches the best roads I have driven on in the Alps or the Rockies in America. One can easily steam at 100 km an hour and its a drive to relish.

The Mercure resort, though in a  Islamic state has all the trappings of luxury. There is an excellent bar and after 10 at night on certain days an enchanting belly dance is performed for the guests.  I really enjoyed the belly dance by a Lebanese grl along with my Chivas.

The resort has an excellent gym and 5 eating outlets. The best place to eat is by the poolside, which overlooks the plains below. The swimming pool is heated and one can dive in even in winter.  There is always a bevy of girls from India and America making use of the pool in bikinis and other swim wear.  One other sight of this pool is to see the Arab Muslim women swimming in the pool in burkha. These women wear a bikini or swim wear and cover themselves with a Burkha and jump in the pool.  This is not allowed in other swimming pools in the West. However the burkha follows its own rules and in the water floats up leaving a voyeur to have a glimpse of lovely legs of Arab women. What a piity they keep them covered.

I have been twice to this resort. Its best to go after making a prior reservation as walk in rates can be sky high. The resort is a gay place and a great place to relax . Its about an hour and half drive from the capital. I use my Mustang, but for others taxis and luxury bus is available.

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