Belgium has been  besieged by terror attacks. In fact just a few days back hardline Islamic terrorists attacked the airport in Brussels as well as a metro rail station close to the airport and exploded bombs. This was an attack by suicide bombers and later the Islamic State claimed credit for these attacks. The attack left almost 40 dead and close to 175 injured, some of them maimed for life. Even now some are critically injured and there is every likelihood of the death toll rising.

These attacks have come close on the heels of attacks in Paris by ISI indoctrinated Muslim youths, who in a suicide operation killed nearly 150 French and foreign nationals. There is a common thread between both these attacks. Investigation by the Belgium and French police  now shows that both the attacks were masterminded by Muslims who were Belgium citizens and worse had been born and bred in that country. This is cause for concern to the Belgium authorities as it reveals that Muslims settled in Belgium for decades are not loyal to the Belgium state, but have thrown their lot with the ISI. They have followed the dictates of the ISI leadership and targeted Belgium as it is the soft underbelly of the European union.

The attacks have raised pertinent questions about Muslims in Belgium. The fact is Belgium is a small country, but in a way it has brought out that past policy of the Belgium king and government  have in a great measure contributed to this situation. I am afraid these attacks will continue and Belgium may be hard pressed to counter them. It must also be borne in mind that in a population of 11 million, the Muslims number close to 600,000 and this is a significant number.

Belgium's Blunder

Belgium is a small nation with very few natural resources. It is part of the Low Countries and Hitler struck against France by attacking through the Low Countries. Hitler's army vanquished  Belgium inside two days. They continued into France and the King of Belgium escaped to England. Thus Belgium has always been vulnerable. When the European Union was formed, Belgium people and government  thought they will have security, but lack of resources, in particular oil was a galling sore.

In 1967 the King Baudouin of Belgium entered into a pact with King Faisal of Saudi Arabia for oil. This was a desperate act as the Saudis extracted their pound of flesh. King Baudouin agreed to supply oil, but in return asked for the  construction of a mosque in Brussels. The Saudi government agreed to foot the bill for the mosque.The king agreed for the construction of the mosque and also allowed Saudi Arabia to send clerics who were trained in Saudi Arabia. The Saudis were also given a 99 year lease of the land and allowed to set up a centre of Islamic study in Brussels. These preachers duly arrived, but many of them were Salafists and these clerics in due course began to indoctrinate the Belgian Muslims on to the radical path. In hindsight, the action of King Baudouin was extremely short sighted and was taken without understanding the real nature of Islam.

Belgium also allowed Muslims to migrate to the country from Morocco and other places as they had a shortage of labor. The Muslims came in droves, but unknown to the Belgian authorities many of them became Salafists and were radicalised. They had no loyalty to Belgium and their loyalty was to Islam and the Pan Islamic movement.

Wiki leaks have now shown that for quite some time the Belgian government was concerned about the activities of the clerics in the mosque and had even expelled the director of the Islamic Institute some time back. The Belgian king and government realised the hard way that the Saudi's  do a lot of double speak and though they say one thing they use their petro dollars to further the spread of Islam.

These indoctrinated Muslims have now come out into the open and launched terror attacks. One can say that had King Baudouin not signed the deal with the Saudi's for oil, the present situation would not have occurred. Now the horse has bolted and the Belgians are at a loss as to how to react. They cannot even do racial profiling as the number of Muslism is too large and as per latest figures Muslims constitue 22% of the population of Brussels. How does one profile 22% of the population of a city?  Another factor bugging the Belgian police is that all the terror groups are constituted with Belgian Muslims , who have been born and bred in Belgium. How  does a nation react against a renegade minority, which is large in number?

Last Word

Belgium is thus faced with a very difficult situation. The only way out is that the EU as a whole help Belgium. But as we have seen the EU is not a cohesive union and with  England wanting to leave the EU, many are wondering about its future. The Germans after taking in a million Muslim refugees are alarmed, but the Muslims are there and they have shown their colors by attacking German women and girls on New Year eve. Evidence is also available with the German police that many of the refugees are fifth coulumns of the ISI and the mosques have been known to store arms.

Belgium has thus no choice, but to fight its own war against Islamic terror groups. The nature of Islam is such, that the Belgians cannot hope for a change of heart among the Muslims. The chances are that if a few are arrested another dozen will take their place. The Belgians are now faced with a problem that has no solution. The ISI radio and internet is bombarding Muslims in Europe to rise and Islamise Europe. Many devious means are being suggested including impregnating European women who have a low fertility rate. The Imam of the Al Aksa Mosque in a YouTube video has urged Muslim men to fertilize European women. All these add up to a great peril for Belgium and  I do not see any short term solution. Belgium may have to live with this problem for many years.

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