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The most famous tourist destination in India is GOA. It is a place where you can find many beaches from its top to bottom. each of these beaches  extend to a distance of at least 3-4 km.The Portuguese were one of the first ones to inhabit Goa. Many portugese  can be found here even today. the practices of the Portuguese  are followed by the Goans even today. The local language of Goa is Konkani. It does not have a defined script and the most commonly used script is the Bramhi  script. The people here are very simple and honest ,you can always take their suggestions and implement them. The food consumed here is mostly seafood. Many fishes found here are nocturnal ones like the Tuna. People here build houses using concrete and cement mostly using Portugal techniques.

South goa is a place filled with beaches,whereas North Goa is a place where you can find temples,monuments and Cathedrals. In South goa there are two famous beaches  namely  Cocoa and Condolom. If you have a collection of shells and you require more you need to visit the cocoa beach, provided that you can't swim in this beach as the water in this beach is untidy.  Goa is also known for its famous water sports like paragliding,jet skiing and banana ride, if you would like to take part in these water sports then you need to visit the condolom beach. The water in this beach is more neat and tidy as compared to cocoa beach. You can swim in this beach as the waves are also comparatively less here. This is a beach where you can build sand castles. Here you can sunbathe while eating your favorite seafood that you can order from the beach shacks. You can also enjoy the sunset here.

In North Goa you can find an endless number of cathedrals which were built by the Portugese themselves. The st.peters is a famous church which you need to visit in Goa. Not only cathedrals, you can also find ancient temples here. One of the most ancient temple in North Goa is the 15th century  lord shiva temple. A number of water resorts are located here. Many families here are Goan bramhins. Although they are bramhins, their staple diet forms rice and seafood. If you visit North Goa you should never forget to visit  the Saturday bazaar. It is a place where you can find several stalls selling Portuguese food and accessories. If you visit this bazaar then you should surely order Portugal recipes.  Goa is the only place where you can find fun out of everything. It is the best place for families.

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