It was in 1995, when I was supplying shoes in our district, a border of Orissa and Andhra Pradesh. I was doing the entire activity from my home and front room was converted as my office. One day there was a leakage in my cooking gas pipe lines and I called a plumber to repair, his name is Muthu and I knows him ver well. he is a sincere and calm going guy. 

that day it was not his day I think so. His motor cycle was broken, he lost his wallet and he was getting repeated calls from bank, I think so is for instalments. in spite of many disturbances he completed the job nicely and no there was no leakage and he cleaned all the kitchen very well as I was staying alone and iam a lazy guy in keeping house. when I want to pay him I smiled and told,  It looks today is a bad day of you: is it so?"

He smiled and told, " it is my every day routine sir. weekly once or twice I have this kind of troubles, but today it's too much. I have nothing in our kitchen. all groceries were finished. don't know how to manage?".

I thought I must help him. I gave him some groceries like rice, oil, sugar, milk and coffee powder etc. additionally I gave 300 Rs to him. I told him that I will drop him in my car. one of my friend was sitting there in my office while iam giving him. he asked me 'why iam giving so much to him?' - but I didn't replied to his question. I took my car to drop Muthu. when we reached his home he invited me to come inside hi house. 

Before entering his house Muthu stood with folded hands before a Basil plant near his front door and prayed for few minutes and he asked me to sit in the chair. with an inquisitive looks I smiled at him and I took a eat in the chair. His two children came and hugged him, his wife took all the groceries to their kitchen. Muthu told me about Basil plant that "Sir, this tree is my Gratitude Tree. when I come in I pay my gratitude to this tree because when I leave my house in morning I go with hundred problems but when I return I come with solutions and it makes me happy all I give a glass of water in the morning"

I remembered Abraham Hicks and I told him, " Gratitude also having a little resistance, Appreciate...Appreciation is the best"

when I returned from there and on the same day I got a call from our district's Cricket Association Secretary that they need 440 pairs of sports shoes as they have a state wise tournaments and they decided to give the shoes and T-shirts to all teams. I supplied the shoes and after execution when I calculated my profit I was speechless. I got a profit of 62,000 /= where I gave to Muthu exactly 620/= worth of groceries and money. Exactly 100 times more than what I had given him.

I was thinking on that day 'Appreciation... a chain reaction". Muthu gives a glass of water to Basil plant, and I give a few groceries to him, but nature give you more than what you deserve actually..   

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  1. Nipun A

You are right bro, nature gives us all that is required for us, given we take care of her.

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