In modern era Dubai became the most attractive places in the world in term of business and tourism. But previously many of you are not aware of this place. Dubai plays an important role in making the UEA (United Arab Emirates). It is known as the seventh emirates. It is located in the east of Saudi Arabia. Dubai has the tallest man-made structure in the world. Burj Khalifa is also known as Burj Dubai. And you get shocked when you hear that it occupy at least 40% of the United Arab Emirates population. If you say that Dubai changed itself in the few past years, you are not wrong. Because its per capita income increases and not only increases, it reaches the seventh position in the world. It is one of the fastest developing country in west Asia. It is really a matter of pride. It gains their independence in the year 1971.In a short span of time, it developed so much.  

Burj Khalifa

As we know that the economy of any country mostly depend on their tourism. It developed its tourism factor unbelievably. If you are travelling from Europe, it takes only six hours to reach the vivacious city Dubai. After reaching that place you get surprised to see its hotels, shop, markets , play sports and mostly its yummy food and lifestyle. If you want duty free shopping, Dubai international airport is the best option you have. Price of a commodity is far better than any mall as compared to any city. Tourist also wants the same thing. So if you want to do shopping, It is the excellent place for shopping.  

In Dubai You found alcohol. It is cheaper and it is duty free also. But everything has some limitations. If you want to buy  beverages, you have to purchase only four Bottle and if you are interested in beer, you can take two cartoon each consists of 24 cans. The public transport system is best in the world. It metro from the airport to the main city is awesome. So if you want to travel, prefer its metro only. It may take you to different part of Dubai including tourist places, beach coast and Metro is not going to show you the old city center. Suppose that you want to avoid crowds, you need to taxi as a medium to reach Your destination. The service of taxi in Dubai is outstanding. Suppose that you are going to any hotels or any shopping mall, At that time you need a taxi as a medium of transportation. The idea is to find a taxi in taxi  stand. Avoids finding a taxi in front of malls or shopping complex. In Dubai, you can easily find a cheap and reliable taxi.  

You can easily explore the whole area of Dubai because it has an excellent infrastructure. Due to this factor tourist like this place very much. May be you heard the name of famous place like  "Sharjah" or Abu Dhabi. It is the largest among the seven emirates. This place is very famous for cricket matches. Large numbers of international cricket match are played here. If your budget is low and you prefer a low cost holiday, it is better for you to choose FlyDubai instead of choosing an emirates official airline carrier. There are so many airlines offer as compared to others. They give you exciting offers on tourist places like Dubai etc.. If you are good at bargain, you got a better offer in low price.  

Dubai is not a small place for tourist, If you want to see the whole Dubai you have to prefer taxi or guide. Bus facility in Dubai is very good. Buses route is available on the internet that provide lots of relief to tourist. Sometime bus route are not easy to understand and at times you have to take the help of a guide or taxi. If you want to see most of the areas of central Dubai, Buses are the best option. But in my suggestion you have to walk more to see the real beauty of Dubai. Dubai is well known for its sandy and white beaches. At that place you can enjoy the water games. But if you don't like warm and salty water, you keep yourself away from the sea. If you want to enjoy its real excitement, you have to visit Sharjah enclave Khor Fakkan for coral reef diving and emirate of Fujairah. In these places you can enjoy its wide marine life. 

Apart from water ports other entertaining activities that Dubai offer to their such as you can enjoy Warm air balloon Ride, Golf lovers can play golf, Visit popular Dubai zoo as well as you can go to the creek cruise of Dubai. Dubai is a place full of shopping complex and many other shopping destinations. Never miss that shopping opportunity when you visit Dubai. Dubai is the place where you can find everything from Traditional items to high profile and designer modern Brands. So take as many as advantages as you can take.  

The mall or shopping complex constructed in Dubai is the world largest shopping complex. You are amazed to see this shopping complex. This shopping complex has an Ice Rink as well as different kinds of aquarium. Here you are amazed to see more than 13,00 shops.  You can enjoy other thing rather than shopping in Dubai. The enjoyment is not confined to shopping only. You really feel good when you move around the popular marina beach. You must visit the Palm Islands. These all three Islands are the biggest man made Islands in the world. If you are a history lover, you need to visit the old Dubai Museum, Jumeirah Mosque  as well as feel relax after walking on old and traditional roads in Dubai. It does not matter from where you are belonging, you may find the taste of your country food in Dubai itself. Dubai offers a large number of varieties of food for their visitor. If you are a vegetarian, you may find the vegetarian food and if you are an Indian Visitor, you must get Indian food.  

Dubai night sky

 If you a person with an open mind and want to enjoy night time in a bar and a night club, you may find a large number of bars and nightclubs. Dubai has very strict about the consumption of alcohol and other harmful things. You must follow all rules and regulation and for this you must know all rules in advanced. The Trip to Dubai is really a Memory that one cannot forget for a long duration of Time. You really enjoy seeing the largest and tallest building that is a specialty of Dubai. Dubai tradition is unique. You must enjoy these traditional. If you want a suitable climatic condition, Luxury life and Great service, Dubai is a better place.  You might select various kinds of low Holiday package. It is a most popular demand among the People of Economy Class. 

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