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In terms of area Singapore is a small country. This is thinking of a large number of people.  Due to this reason we cannot say that the beauty of Singapore is less than as compared with any big nation. In spite of this large number of people visit this place each and every year. This makes this place a favorite Tourist destination. In Singapore you can find a large number of attractions. So whatever you want to see it totally depends on you. Do proper research Before planning a trip to this Place. In this article just follow 5 things and visit each and every place when you move to Singapore next time. It is really full of adventure. 


1. On the Top of the chart you found the "Sentosa Island". Never Miss this. 

As we talk about the Island. Mean this is away from local land. You have to choose a Resort on this Island that is made for visitors. You have to pay for your visit to this Island. On this Island you can find a Universal Studios theme park. For visiting this park you have to pay for that. You really got full enjoyment along with your family members. A newly constructed casino for all casino Lovers as well as for public use also. 

2. Must Visit Popular marina bay. 

It is also known as Business center. It is located in the Southern most part of Singapore. This is really an Attractive place. It inspires us to visit this place in order to see its wide range of beauty. If you want to visit the popular national icon of the city state and the Merlion, you have to pay for that. After seeing the Esplanade's, you are going to amaze as compare to other Interesting design, The popular Singapore Flying and many other popular architectures.  

3. If you are a lover of shopping. Must Visit Orchard Road.  

This place is a heaven for Shopping lovers. At this place you easily found all kinds of brands and Designer things which you prefer.  Suppose that you are a person that always think about the budget, at that time you can select various items on sale.  You are going to find all types of clothes as well as Electronic gadgets at that place at a price that must attract you to buy something for you. 

4. Must visit The place like Chinatown.   

You are amazed to know that this word really Popular in each and every part of the country. It also influences the country lot. In this place you really got everything in Chinese trends. It influences everything such as food, famous architecture and style of clothing. Everything follows this Chinese trend. 

5 And at last the famous Zoo located in Singapore. 

You really amazed to see a large number of animals. When you visit that zoo must keep the whole day in your hand because you are getting full fun and enjoyment at this place. Must look comfortable with your clothes as well as footwear. The arrangement of Night safari during night time with Zoo management has really added an extra fun in your visit. It is really a great experience to see various animals during night.  So these are the 5 thing that must remember during the tour to Singapore. 

After reaching Singapore, the major problem in what way we can move from one place to another. In this article I discuss some Transportation Guide in Detail. It is good to see that there are various Developed roads as well as Expressways. You can easily move from the outer part of the city to this city or other bigger cities with the help of Train and buses. This place is a well organized Tourist Destination, you can easily find a network of taxis that connect different part of City with each other. 

1. By Driving your own private car. 

If you like driving, The you have to face some problem in this city.  From 1800s era the construction of road is started. Now it takes its shape. The roadways are a grid like system. Now the road is well paved to carry all types of load. Roads of Singapore are becoming an Advanced as it follows Time. The road of this city is using an improved Technology for better communication between vehicles. During year 1998 many drivers of this city pay a toll tax in order to control traffic in a manner way. For taking this tax each and every car is attached to a sensor like device. The function of this device is to deduct tax each and every time vehicle passes this toll area. Fair deducting tax it is necessary that the particular car must be on the left side of the road. For driving any vehicle in this city you must live about six months. Before this period you are not allowed to drive cars even you have an original license. After six months you need to give a small test. After that you are eligible to drive vehicles on Singapore's roads. The total numbers of Expressway are around 11. These Expressway provides faster Transportation from this city to other larger cities. If you need to purchase any vehicle in this city, you might go through a complex process. An easy way is to rent a car which has a simple process.  

2. When you prefer Public transport media. 

When we talk about the public transport facilities in Singapore, it is best in the world.  You can find a popular rail system also known as Mass rapid Transit. It gives you a better view of the places during travelling. Mass rapid Transit can easily connect people from places such as Sengkang, Jurong, woodlands as well as downtown Singapore.  A rail System which is known as Light rapid Transit. It is used to move people from satellite Cities to Mass rapid Transit stops. This all terrain is popular because it is run without any restriction. All passengers are equally treated. A special kind of card is generated for paying all fares during travelling on LRT and MRT.A passenger can use "ez-link" card for paying his/her fare. You can select various options on this card. You might select fares for one-way or select pay for 30 day fares. If you are new to this card, you can get this card from ticket offices or from any station vending machine. 

Bus services in Singapore are good. You can find two types of bus services. After the mass rapid transit storage these bus services take you to the surrounding area. This service known as SBS (Singapore's Bus Services).  This Singapore mass rapid Transit service is mostly used by the people of Northern side. As the government decided the time table for this bus. Buses start early in the morning at 5:30 a.m. And continue until midnight. The day is limited as from Sunday to Thrusday. The service is extended on special occasions such as Weekends and holidays. The extended time is being increased from midnight to 6:00 A.M. You are allowed to choose any available ticket option. Options such as Express, Trunk and Premium services. For paying fares you might use cash or use ez-link card. 

3. Taxis Network in Singapore. 

You can find almost eight different companies that run their own taxis on the road of Singapore. You feel difficulties in booking taxis between 7:00 A.M to 9:30 A.M between Monday to Friday. This is because this is a peak hour. And during evening time the peak hour is between 5:00 P.M to 8:00 P.M in all working day between Monday To Saturday. If you prefer taxis between midnight and early morning, in that case you have to pay extra in the form of Surcharges. According to the expert in that field it is better to arrange or book taxis in advance. This helps to avoid all sorts of problem.  

So follow this transportation rules and enjoy all types of Delicious cuisine, enjoy your shopping and many other exciting things. The presence of very advantages technology in transportation, you can really explore everything in a simple and free from any problem.

Conclusion - So at least never form an opinion about any place because of size only. It is clear that Singapore is a popular holiday destination. We have thus seen five 5 beauties of Singapore. That made Singapore a Heaven even in a small area. Not only this in what way you move from one place to another when you reach Singapore.

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