Seeing a  large number of animals  in your safari trip is really an enjoyable moment. This is more enjoyable when we trip to African Safari. Have you made a list of activities that you must like to do during your trip. If you still now cannot make a list, no problem after reading this article you are able to make a list for your trip.  In this article I am discussing about 5 activities that must follow as every Safari trip to Africa. 

Migration of air in Africa is really enjoyable

During your trip to SerenGeti located in Tanzania as well as Masai Mera located in Kenya, you are going to see thousands of Gnu, Zebra and wildebeest. This will make your trip full of adventures and enjoyable moment. You must visit Masai Mera located in Kenya during June to November in order to see unique sight. This all sight looks beautiful but if you want to see a stunning picture, you must see all this certain height. For this you can select a hot air balloon, a better option to see such stunning Images from top.

See Victoria Falls as a Wonder in Zambia

This waterfall is not as big as other waterfalls in the world. This does not reflect that the beauty is less than others. You need to take advantage of this waterfalls beauty on your safari to Africa. You can really enjoy at this falls. You may take advantage of Water rafting in order to see the fall from the proper location. Apart from this you may too enjoy safe Cruise on the river Zambezi in order to see the animal on the bank of river Zambezi.  

You can enjoy trekking in Rwanda

Rwanda is an amazing place that is full of Typical rainforests and large number of Mountains. The mountain in Rwanda is famous as a vast wildlife Trekking. At that place you are able to see Mountain's Gorillas that are on the merge of extinction. This fact attract a lot of tourists to this place. 

In Mozambique - experience of Desert and Island

If you tried from the busy destination in your safari to Africa. You have an option a place in the form of the desert. At this place you are going to feel a peace and comfort that is away from any crowd.  Apart from this, if the country has an Island. Around this Island you have an option to get some sort of Enjoyment on its Coastline.  You too can enjoy a Safari under the water. Scuba Dive off is one of the place with a facility like safari under water. You have the great opportunity to have this Adventure in order to Swim large numbers of Fish of different color and sizes, Dolphins, many Turtles and rats. 

Namibia - safari on the back of horse

This place is full of a large number of varied landscapes such as Plains land as well as hilly area is able to make your trip enjoyable but in Case of Namibia in is something different that is a great enjoyment in the desert. Your eyes must stick on the amazing sands Dunes and different formation of rock that you never see before. During your safari in such a desert is more enjoyable if you take a saddle, as means of Transport, in order to investigate the kinds of amazing landscape and what they offer to you. At this place it is possible that you may find some of animals like Elephants and lions due to the presence of Etosha National Park. This national park is famous for Cheetahs. So this is the first part of article which describe the activities that must help you when you make a plan for safari to Africa. 

Some of the the famous spots for a safari in Africa

Among all destination the safari to Africa is the best and cannot compare to two others. You cannot forget memories to these safaris from your mind for a longer duration of time. Safari to Africa is really confusing. You are not able to decide the most attractive place for your safari.

I am trying to find the three best place among all according to my experience. It must be your's.

1. The Masai Mara - Kenya

When you visit this Place as a Tourist to order to see this place as a safari trip. I am 100 percentage sure that you must enjoy this place. This place can be best seen during Tune in November. In this period you can see a large number of the wildebeest migration from other places. Apart from this large number of Zebra, Gnu and gazelle like to visit this place from Serengeti located in Tanzania. This a an amazing view that you might be able to see on another part of this Planet. If you still want to visit this place at another month of the years this is not a problem. You have still option to see some of the animals such as Elephants, Leapord, Long Giraffes, Lions as well as a rhinoceros. They can be easily seen in the plain area of this place.  Apart from Wildlife safari yo has another option that this place offers you. If you want some relaxing moment you can get this coastal region. You can see a longer Beaches that a crystal clear water. You can do various activities such as Swim, many sports related to water and Snorkel. 

2. Bwindi located in Uganda

If your trip as a safari to Africa in order to see Primates, this place is a right choice for your safari. Must visit a Bwinidi National Park. At this place you can find the mysterious Mountain Gorilla. This is really amazing. Lots of people make their way to see this Mystery. Apart from this you can also take advantage of seeing other animals such as Chimpanzees, famous bourbons, typical Red tail monkeys and Columbus. Apart from Animals, this place also offers you to see a large species of Birds . This is surely much more than another part of Countries in Africa. 

3. South Luangwa valley - Zambia

If you want some time separating from the crowd and want to visit this region with varied landscapes during Spring. This place is full of the Woods, Plains and various hill. Not only this you might get excellent opportunities to explore wildlife in your safari. You are able top sees a large number of Long Girrafe, Elephants, Big cats etc. The place offers you a prime spot. This place offers you every kind of trip to such a place. Whether you select a walk Trip or air trip or Riding. You can enjoy the wildlife during your walk to this place under the supervision of a Guide. You may choose a ride to canoe along the River Luangwa. If you want to see plan from air you might choose Hot air balloons. And after the wildlife safari you may want to see a a beautiful waterfall known as Victoria Falls. Apart from this if you like to enjoy the adventurous activities. Take part in water rafting near to Victoria fall or you may prefer cruises also as an activity. When you reach the border of the Zimbabwe you can clearly hear the Roar of lion along with other sound of animal that may fill you with a fear. If you want to end your safari to Africa, you can end with the sunset that may occur over the Victoria Falls.

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