Evert Tourist from another country really enjoys their trip to India, a land where something for everyone. Today many tourists from other countries as well as people from our country feel the Importance of India as a Tourist Destination. India is the most preferred Tourist Destination throughout the world. You are going to amaze to see its beautiful visuals, heart touching sounds, Charming chaos, fragrance of various flowers and various types of delicious foods. This all are the very few reasons among a large number of reasons, why people from other countries prefer their trip to India.  It is possible that you miss some of the must visit places or activities because of lack of preparation. This is common among human being. I am writing this article to notify all Tourist of another country. They need to follow all instruction as give below in order to take advantage of each and every site of India.   

1. The Treats of Kerala

Kerala is famous for its backwater cruises as well as a center for Ayurveda treatments apart from other pleasure related to this place. Many Tourist from different parts of countries like to visit this place because they want some adventure tours such as backwater cruise. This gives them an untouched pleasure of staying on a boat house and lost themselves in a surrounding beauty. Apart from this Water Cruise, you may also visit waterfalls such as Palaruvi waterfall, Thusharagiri waterfall and many more like this. It is my advice for every Tourist not to forget such a Stunning sight. Cochin is one of the parts of this city. If you a wildlife lover, this place is best for you as you are going to see Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary and other National Parks around this place. Not only this a famous Munnar Hill station view must add an extra advantages to your trip to this part of Kerala. 

2. Stay in India

As a Tourist you are going to get an authentic experience in local land of India due to their stay in India varieties of hotel such as Heritage hotels, Grand hotels and many other staying places in India. Staying India with your relatives and friends is really a unique experience, you are going to enjoy very delicious food that must be included as an added joy to your hotel accommodation. It will really help a Tourist to get more and more into the surrounding environment. Many hotels are constructed very near to some of the Tourist destination In India.  

3. India is a land of Spices

Every Tourist likes to taste the food that shows the variation of spices in India. It must fill your tour with joy. Apart from consuming this delicious spicy food in every corner of India, my suggestion is that must visit spice markets in India. This shows the variation of Spices used in India. In this crowded markets, tourist must find a food from different parts of the country. Every food is a combination of different kind of Spices. This really indicates the lively nature of Typical India.  You can easily find a large number of spice markets various parts of our country. In my state Khari Baoli is located. It is one of the famous Spice market in Delhi. If you want to Feel the taste of various spices in India, This spice tour to India really gives you that feeling. This delicious dish always attracts you to this Spice market again and again. 

4. Visit Places of Cultural activities

The dance activities Such as Classical dance and music is considered as a holy art in order to represent their Hindu god related to it. Whereas one of the form of music such as Carnatic music, still it is not considered as a big deal but in spite of that it mesmerizing in the form of music. It is not successful in covering all sorts of music lover toward itself. People are really getting amazed to see the dance expert in a Classical dance because it need a hard labor for a longer duration of time to become expert in classical music. This dance is more difficult because you have to show real true expression on your face along with proper hand and beat coordination. You really got amazed to see such a unique performance that is a part of almost all the part of India. Every place in India has its own type of classical and cultural activities enjoy this with your full interest. These kinds of classical performance are mostly a part of Chennai and other part of India that still follow this Culture at a High point. 

5. Visiting Temples in India

During your trip to India, mostly the places famous for Hindusism, you are going to see all major temples located in this place. Some part of India is not rich with famous Temples.  India is a follower of Hinduism due to this reason the construction of the temple takes place even before 10th century BC and still in a progress. In many parts of India, you still find large numbers of old and ancient temples standing in a proud way along with some of the newly constructed temples.  Among these places, Madurai is one of the places, you are going to see tallest Temples with unique arts and architecture.  Tour to these famous temples in India, allow you to know the different kinds of Art and architectures related to this temple as well as Rituals and types of prayer related to each and every temple in India. 

6. Unpredictable Our Indian railway System

The Indian railway track is the longest tracks in the world. Not only this world popular " Toy Train " is also considered one of the World Heritage site declare by UNESCO. A train journey in India is really a unique experience that you never get in any part of the world. Not only this in a way of travelling by train, you are going to see some of the attractions, cities and Indian Villages. The train connects many attractive places in India. If you this this is costly, you are wrong. The journey is faster too.  It will add an extra pleasure to your tour, if you prefer a train journey between The Nilgiri and Ooty. It is much more attractive than a Hillstation too. In hilly area train route is constructed quite Uniquely. A tourist must enjoy every single moment of his/her journey in a hilly terrain region with quite excellent views of the surrounding valleys. If you plan a train journey in a coastal region, prefer from Goa to New Delhi. You are Stunned to see the beautiful landscapes between these stations. In this way you fully enjoy your trip by seeing various visual adventures in India. It totally depends on you whether you select a Train journey or any other means of transport. 

7. Famous Elephant Safari

In India, you are going to see a large number of wildlife sanctuary as well as a natural park. In these places, you are going to see a large number of flora and fauna. Many of them are in a list of Endangered.  Such types of endangered species are well protected in India by Developing various Wildlife sanctuary or national parks. Importance animals always on the top of this list followed by others endangered species.  Due to the safety reason, many wildlife sanctuaries restricted on doing walking or trekking across this sanctuary. To solve this problem, you have an option like Elephant ride. It is one of the safest way to explore such places safely. You are safe from the attack of any other animal. Apart from jungles, elephant rides are also a tradition in some places in India Such as Jaipur and Jodhpur. This is known as a Royal experience. Every tourist wants this ride when they visited this place also known as the land of Rajput. 

8. Camel Safari in India

Tour to India really aware you that this place has a diverse landscape in which you are going to visit sparkling cities, famous Beaches, various wildlife area as well as in hot desert too. You must hear the name of the Thar Desert which is located in Rajasthan, the biggest state in India. Some of the famous places in Rajasthan such as Jaipur, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer etc. After visiting most of the place that has a fort and Palaces in Rajasthan. Now term of camel Ride. You cannot explore your trip to Rajasthan without experiencing a camel ride in the desert. You must prefer this ride during the evening or overnight to get relief from scorching heat from the sun. This camel is known as a Ship for places like Desert. Camel ride is really an unforgettable experience as well as a challenging one to remain seated on the humps of camel for a longer during. Camel ride gives you all sorts of attractive view which is not possible by walking on the ground.  

9. Mehendi in India

The Mehendi is a part of our tradition that must follow in a marriage of India. It is used on the hand of Indian brides and bridegroom both. It is prepared from Henna Powder that is famous for its red blooded dye. It says something, if redness is deeper, it shows the deep love of a bride to her husband. There are a large number of ways in which it is used to make the palm and finger of bride beautiful. In many cases, you can see a circular arrangement on the tips of the fingers by this henna paste follow by various designs on their palm.  Apart from marriage, today many ladies and visitor, touring any part of our country prefer this Mehendi on various festivals. They want such a design on their hand that make them beautiful an attractive. You can easily feel a strong smell produce by this Temporary dye. It is not pungent.  The color of this Mehendi erased after some days but from memory it takes quite longer duration. 

10. Indian Bollywood Movies

India is also famous for its Bollywood movies, Mumbai is a place where a large number of Bollywood movies are prepared. Apart from this Mumbai is full of various talented actors and artist. This all really attracts a lot of visitors to this place every year. It is quite a good experience to see Bollywood movies on a larger screen at cinema Ghar in India. You are amazed to see various attractive costumes that is continuing to change in each and every scene during songs. This really fills you a memorable trip to Indian cinema Ghar. 

Touring in India in a single trip is not possible for any visitors. You have to make more that one trip to see its full beauty and its incredible lands that Indian Provide to each and every visitor. What are you waiting for makes your trip to India and explore this Incredible India. 

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