In today's fast working world,tourism occupies a stable position in the hearts of people.Year by year tourism develops in every country and in every tourist spot.Why it occupies such a strong position in our minds? For instance,if we ask a child or even an adult like - which one you like to go either school,work or tour? Most definitely they would answer and their votes will be for tour.Most of the people like tourism because tourism is a recreational activity in the midst of everlasting work.This tourism has many types such as for educational,medical and leisure etc.,with its own purposes.When we begin to analyze the backside of toursim,we are able to find wonderful matters in and around tourism.As two sides of a coin,there are two main wings of tourism namely tourists and Country where they are going to tour.First,let us see in the side of tourist.According to World Tourism Organisation,"Tourist are people who travel and stay in places outside their usual environment".We can see these people who travel outside mainly admires the beauty of nature,sceneries ,sight seeing and like to go for places which has rich architectural importance.Tourist mainly visits different places for recreation,health,holiday,religion etc.,Only a few tourists go for knowledge purpose.When we look into the side of country or places,tourism is the major source of income for many cities.For instance,if we take our country,we have many tourist places and hot destinations.A handsome amount of money is being driven by tourism.Year by year,India allocates some funds to support tourism.Likewise,many countries in the world  picks a huge income in tourism such as Dubai,Singapore etc.,Apart from economic supports,tourism helps to showcase the country's culture,tradition and rich heritage to the tourists since each country has its own history within it.

So,going to a tour promotes ourself and the country also.And tourism has many merits in it.Always remember,if vascodegama,columbus and marcopolo didn't travel,we might miss some countries now.Just Go Ahead and arrange a good tour package to hotspots and i hope you will enjoy the tour.Give promotion to your mind and the economy of the country. 

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