If you are on a short visit to Sydney 

You have options listed below to have a feel of its tourist's attractions.

Most visitors find Sydney as one of the most happening cities in the world as for tours and traveling are concerned. Sydney has most exciting beaches, art galleries, museums, aquariums, gardens, wonderful climate, walking allies, matching nightlife, top class restaurants and peaceful atmosphere. As matter of fact, Sydney can compete best in the world as far tourist spots are concerned.

Sydney Beaches


Sydney beaches are wonderful and lovely, but if you are on short visit, you should concentrate on Sydney's main tourist's attraction points, which have their own unique features like Opera House, Bridge, Circular Quay, etc. The Rocks another famous point is on the opposite side of Circular Quay to The Opera House where you can walk easily. As I have pointed in my article elsewhere, the Botanical Gardens and Mrs. Macquarie's Point offer spectacular views if you can spare some time for these.

As the city of Sydney is known for beaches and rivers Manly is one such beach that retraces steps to the Heads. Manly a privately owned company that runs the service, although Manly beach is fine but I found it bit overrated, some feel same for Bondi beach also but it is different and worth a visit. For me I found it one of the best in the world, out of all beaches I have visited so far. However, Manly is an ideal place to watch Sydney Harbour Bridge, the Opera House and sandstone cliffs scattered around Sydney Horbour. I think the best way to reach to Manly is to take a ferry or a circular trip that will be of thirty minutes duration only will show you almost everything one wishes to see in this area.

There is another beach if you are particular to go to a beach then you should go to Shelley Beach located in south end of Manly beach and the place has a restaurant. You should find walk along headland and Manly beach a pleasant one. If you have time left, you can get a bus out to the Quarantine Station on the Heads or if you prefer a cruise ship the rout and view is same.

Sydney on HOHO Buses

You can easily have a stroll around all over the places listed above within the short time at your disposal if you plan a bit carefully. As you can walk across the bridge from the Rocks if you find interesting or you have another choice to take a trip on the HOP ON HOP OFF weekend buses. These buses ply at regular intervals, the best part is the tickets are valid for 24 and 48 hours that mean if you are willing to utilize your entire weekend.  It is a wonderful experience for tourists to travel one whole day in a single ticket or utilize Saturday and Sunday to visit the entire city sitting in open top double Decker bus.

Sydney Ferry 

You can get a ferry to Manly Beach from Circular Quay and spend the day around that area and after having your lunch you can take the ferry back. There are many places to eat nearby where you can find good food in that locality. You can get a ferry from Circular Quay to Bondi beach with an option to walk from Bondi beach to Coogee Beach all along the beach area with facilities of lunch there which all should take around two to three hours depending upon your stopover and speed of walk. 

I think people with short time on hand should take it easy and spend their time around the Central Business District (CBD). Breakfast etc are available around Circular Quay, you can walk around the Opera House and a stroll in Botanic Gardens should be enough for first session of the day. If you like to sail and interested in ferry or cruise rides a trip in the afternoon should do your trip a lot of good and a walk around the Rocks and finally a water taxi to Darling Harbour for a dinner should fill up your program for the day.aquarium

Sydney Aquarium

I was not aware about the vastness of Sydney aquarium unless we visited the place. I never expected any aquarium could be as big as one in Sydney, the biggest in the world with different species of fishes and animals found inside water. Just imagine the quantity of water, as per official information it is six million liters, which is enormous amount if you consider you pass it through a glass tunnel to have a look at fishes and other animals like penguins and turtles. As per the official information, they house close to thirteen thousand animals in Sydney aquarium.

Bush walks around Sydney


I have been in Sydney several times and everytime when I asked someone especially an Australian about places of tourist's interest, I invariably was told about 'Bushwalking', Yes,  Australians love their Bushwalking for the sake of adventure it provides although an outsider may find it strange when he goes for his first 'Bushwalk'. In fact, it is not for everyone but especially for people who love to walk for adventure. There is another fact that Bush Waking is nothing but walking through different terrains. Incidentally, Australia is full of such Bush walks and every Bush walk is full of adventure lovers. 

There are many Bush walks in and around Sydney but some of the most popular ones are the Grand Canyon walk near Blackheath, Katoomba to Mt solitary, Blue gum forest and Wentworth falls etc. These places are good for winter season for tough walks which could prove tough in summers. If you must chose one of these in summertime you can go for a walk to Grand Canyon but not others. There are plenty of excellent walks here but most of these require lot of stamina and love for walking up and down the hilly terrains enjoying these walks there is no stopping loving the thrill. There are hundreds of natural spots along the walks where one can find more adventure simply by climbing down the hill through rough unused paths but one must know how to trek in such places.


Sydney is full of tourists’ spots for everyone, right from fun loving city type tourists to the ones who like rough, adventures place. It is good for people who like to wine and dine in comfort of five stars to people who love spending nights in tents along the walking trails. Sydney is good for beach lovers as well rock climbers. All are welcome with equal fanfare.

Photos from own source 

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  1. Peeush Trikha

Wow! A great overview of Sydney and the sites to see there.

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