The word TOUR excites everyone.May it be a small girl or a seventy year old man;it has same impact on an average human being.There may be differences in the priorities of the places on choose according to their tastes,social environment and age,but the elation,one gets by the concept remains constant.

Humans are always intrigued and fascinated by the places they have never seen or the places with different cultural circumstances,that are different from their own.This may be the main reason for our affection towards going places.As said earlier there may be differences in choices,like elders willing to go to devotional places,children getting excited about theme parks,couples being interested in going to romantic spots.It is better if the members of tour are selected according to the age and interests,if we are not going with the family,which may come to planning an adventurous tour with young enthusiasts,pilgrimage tours with matured mates and so on.

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If one is going for a hilly place,the one thing that has to be done by everyone is trekking.It is one of the most captivating things to climb the vertex of a mountain.What is even more refreshing is the journey to the top.With right equipment and knowledge about trekking,an average adult can happily do the task and the pleasure it gives in the process in infinite.But we have to be careful about the amenities,to be carried to trek and have a guide who is well aware of the steeps and heights of the mountain,which we select.

Care has to be taken to not to go blindly as the way takes us and even though we are going in small groups without a guide,we have to have a map and we have to take care to meet the other group members at a primarily decided point,in order not to cause anyone any trouble.Some places are notorious to be insanely beautiful.We have to select such sort of places with people with similar interests or else they may end up getting bored,if they lack an aesthetic bone in them.The sightseeing spots would be incredible in such places and refreshers us in a way,only nature can.Some places are known to be honeymoon spots,for their beauty and hush and such spots are to be chosen to enhance love,intimacy and the feeling of togetherness.

Some places are known for riding.They may be deserts where,camels are used mostly or hilly areas where horses,mules and a variety of animals are used to carry people.There is no doubt that riding any animal would leave us with a different and adventurous feeling all the way and if the riding is done with an enjoyable folk of people,the experience would be saved lifelong.If at all life challenges us with mediocrity and boredom,packing bags for few days for a far and unseen place would be the best remedy.

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