Resorts are gaining its popularity day by day. Be it the business tours or outings being organized by the various IT companies or family outing, its prevalence has grown much than previously. Resorts also seem to be a good place for business meetings. It is now a sought out choice to spend a good evening together with friends and family.

We went to the Alankrita resort for a one day outing and it turned out be an enriching experience. Alankrita resort is located in Hyderabad in the Shameerpet area. To give you a more clear idea, the area is nearer to Secunderabad. There are lots of resorts located in the same area but we decide to try this one.  It is a 4 star resort with approximately 119 rooms (almost all of them are air-conditioned), 3 restaurants and around 7-8 banquet halls. If you are planning to come in group and not preferring to opt for night stay, you can reserve the banquet hall and enjoy the whole day.

The resort has got almost all the facilities like swimming, spa, indoor and outdoor game activities. The best thing about this resort is its exotic food and unique ambience which are quite historic in nature.

How to reach there

The Alankrita resort is 21 km far from Secunderabad. So, it can be easily anticipated that it is a bit inside and outskirt of the city. While you would see a few buses on the highway where this resort is situated, it is more advisable to arrange for your own conveyance. If you have your own vehicle, well and good, or else book a cab from your place.

The ambience

From the polluted metropolitan city to this pollution free resort, the journey is quite a transforming one. The entrance in itself is inviting. Often you can see the statue of Buddha, Shiva while you roam around the resort. The architectural design of this resort has taken its inspiration from ancient times and as such is sophisticated and appealing. You would see a lot of greenery around to make you feel even better. For instance, one of the architecture involved a small artificial pond with a turtle made of concrete and some green weeds. You can view such things very near to the entrance. Such an ambience surely allures you to dig in further. In a way you can say that this resort has an eco-friendly and ethnic setting. You would feel yourself to be in the midst of the nature and even a one day spend would freshen yourself for days.


The food

The Alankrita resort does not compromise on the food either. You get a huge list of menus to select your preference of food. You can opt for the buffet where you can enjoy the good food of Hyderabad. You also have restaurants, bars and lounge according to your suitability. Whatever you choose to opt, you wouldn’t be disappointed to spend your penny.

This resort also offers dine in facility where you can come in just for dinner and enjoy the beautiful ambience. The food is available on different timings as breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The Rooms

When you are planning to stay at this resort, you could choose from its 119 rooms available. There are varieties of rooms available according to your choice. They are the standard room, executive room, studio cottage, penthouse, deluxe cottage, elite suite, crystal suite. The standard rooms are the most budgeted ones while the suites are an expensive affair. The prices for these rooms varies from 4500 INR to 11,000 INR per night stay but it includes stay, food, swimming, outdoor games , some spas and many other facilities according to the offer.

You also get the facility to take a ride through their personalized battery car (the one that you see in ZOO mostly) but this facility is available only to the people who are booking a room and staying and not for those who are visitors.

Special Attraction:

Swimming Pool:

The swimming pool they offer might seem to be a bit smaller than other resorts but they are clean and tidy. When you opt to go on a weekday, you wouldn’t find much rush and may also enjoy your quality time with family or friends. You also get to have fish pedicure at just 100 INR. It is situated at one of the corners in the swimming pool area itself.


Indoor and Outdoor games:

You can choose from a variety of indoor and outdoor games like volley ball, basket ball, billiards, snookers, etc. A huge ground is provided to play all these games.  Besides the ground, you have a small park where all the rides for children are made. Small swings and sliders with colorful and bright colors add to the beauty of the place. You also have a small cafeteria by its side where you can order ice creams, coffee, cold creaks and some good chocolate buns. You would find these things a bit expensive than the ordinary market price but enjoying your coffee at such a place has its own charm.


Spas are something which is made available in almost all the resorts, but each one of them has its own specialty. There are a variety of spas packages from which you can choose. We did not try out this feature but this resort seems to promise a very relaxing recreation through this.

The Cons:

Although I have describes much of the pros of this resorts, still there are some cons. Apart from the ambience and food, this resort has an smaller area as compared to the other resorts. While some resorts include rain dancing and DJs in your package, this resort does not. I could not find an area that has been allotted to the dancing and DJ. What I came to know about is that they hire people from some external agencies and do not have their own set up. They do have a music system in each banquet but the collection of songs is not that pleasing one. If you want to spend the whole day just eating, roaming about or playing some games, then it’s a fair place. But from a general point of view, resorts are built to cater to the needs of people with varied interest.  The absence of this facility was a bit disappointment.

The hostility of the staffs didn’t seem to be very good. Many of the staffs are very much unaware of the tasks that each one of them is allocated. The staffs seemed to be a bit confused when asked about something. The Management is not very responsive to what you say. Although, we stayed for a very short period, we were not much bothered about the ignorance. However, for people who plan to stay, the trip can turn out to be a disaster.


1) Plan for this resort only for a day outing, you wouldn’t find much in staying for longer.
2) Arrange for your own vehicles for the roundtrip journey.
3) If you are bigger in groups, the charges are negotiable.
4) Enquire beforehand about the facilities that you can avail for your package.

I have listed all that I could say about this resort. I am not a very resort freaky person to give you all the insight about being in the resort, so the next time you plan for an outing; you can still try this place.

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