Some of the useful tips to be followed during travelling. It helps you to save a lot of money.  

Will you plan a holiday destination?  

With proper arrangement, you can easily save a same amount of money and make your pocket free from tension. You need to maintain Budget in a proper way. Just follow this Tips and maintain your budget in a Healthy way.  

1. Prefer comfort not Luxury.  

Not hire a private car. This is very costly as compare to Economy class Air ticket if you go from long distance. Decision about the room is important. You need a Luxury room or Economy room. It all depends on you. Sometime you prefer to live in your relative home. It is good and save a lot of money as compared to high profile hotel room. It is true that everyone cannot prefer relative home and some of them totally unknown and alone in other cities. In such case take an economy room with sharing to another mate.  

2. Always prefer to book air or train Tickets in Advance.  

Today internet become a platform where everyone can easily book tickets in advance without going to ticket counter. Internet booking gives you a lot of discount and you might choose a best holiday packages. If you prefer some likely set or class, you have to book tickets in advance. It will fulfill your desire in an easy way.  

3. For the better budget travel need to compare between train fare and air fare. 

It is good to choose train travel as many parts of our country travelling by train is cheaper than Airways. Country like Europe has a Euro star tickets to their passengers. In which you can book online tickets for many destination palaces in Europe. This is a good idea when compare to Air. It is cheaper than other means too. By spending less you can enjoy a lot. Many people prefer train tickets in India because it is not costly. By train travelling they want to see all views outside the window. This is not possible in Plane travelling. 

3. Always prefer local Transit services as it is cheaper.  

If you plan to visit all palaces in a particular city, most prefer Local buses Trains, and metros. This all is cheaper than Private taxis. By choosing this local service, you come in contact with local people. This is not possible in private taxis and auto.  Try to talk with other local person. They teach you the right and safest routes and indicate you not to go any path that is not good for your journey.  

4. If possible prefer Bicycle or local Rickshaw.  

Suppose that you prefer bicycle or local Rickshaw, You can easily move to all possible destiny without disturbing the environment and in the process you save lots of money. As it is not like by everyone and this is not possible in every part of the country but prefer if it is possible. This activity can save a money for you. You can invest this money in other necessary activities. Everyone can bring all necessary things. If you need something for your trip it is a good idea to borrow that thing and make your trip properly.  

5. If possible always travel with your friends or in a group.  

Suppose that you are going to a trip to some unknown place, it is best to plan trips with your friend. With your friends you feel safe and manage your bills in a better way. Grouping trip can easily manage all Accommodations and expense in a better way. It will reduce your total expense in a better manner.  

6. If possible use some kinds of passes or rewards cards.  

Always prefer holiday packages which give you some sorts of discount or some free kilometers or something else. The best idea to fix your budget and work according to that.  Always pay the full cash to your packages. This will save you give any extra charges. If you give your cash for holiday packages in Installment. It will add some extra charge avoid that.  

8. Try to join some kinds of Packages.  

Always prefer some kinds of packages given by many hotels and airlines. You get extra benefit from that by paying a minimum amount of cash. Suppose that you are a new to this field and you are not aware of the fact that which is the best package for you. If you try hard you must g+et a package that will give you some benefits.  

9. Always ready to take advantage of any discounts.  

Many places discount is offered to many people on the basis of their age, sex, occupation etc. Take advantage of that package. To take all advantages of discount, you need to have a proper document, Identity cards, and other required cards to qualify for that discount.  

10. Avoid buying any Expensive items.  

First of all you need to ask from yourself that you need an expensive item. It is a good idea to think in a proper way to purchase any expensive item in another city or country. Need to escape from this. If possible make necessary bargaining for your every purchase. Many parts of the city or country bargaining is allowed and by this you can save a lot of money. Always prefer bargaining. Try to steal that deal with your own price. This is possible only by bargaining.  

11. Not pay for extra charges such as WI-Fi charges in your hotel room.  

Try to find some free Hotshots in your locality in advance. Try to use free WI-Fi services. If your hotel charges you. Try to avoid from that charge. You can easily find some free internet service in your local places. Investigate for that. The possibility is that you can access internet from your room itself.  

In what you can grab online train tickets at a lower price. 

In spite of presence of various means of transport in many countries. Most of the people prefer the train. Which is a popular means of transport for people of different part of the world. Not only India but other country people prefers a travel by train. Many countries with India have a proper rail route that connects  different parts of our country. You can feel a comfortable journey by rail but in some part of the world the price of the ticket is expensive. This is the most common problem faced by many economy class people. You this I am writing this article in what way you can save yourself from this expensive fair and make your journey Enjoyable. Some come and read this article. This will really reduce your train travelling cost and make you free.  

1. Always prefer to book Ticket in advance.  

In our Indian railways you find the same trends as you find in Our airlines. Just follow that Trends. Try to book tickets in advance might save you some hard earned cash. Suppose that you prefer to take tactical ticket, you have to pay more than the ordinary ticket cost and you also cannot get a prefer seat you like in a train. If you want to book a ticket in advance, the best mean of booking ticket is through online or you might contact to some Travel agent for your ticket. If you book online ticket in advance it will save you lots of extra charges as compare to book tickets with the help of some Ticket agents. 

2. Try to grab any good reward Programs.  

Suppose that you are a regular passenger on a particular train, you are eligible for monthly passes or yearly passes or some discounted tickets. Our railway has a lot of such programs. The only thing is to apply for that program. Railway only prefer a loyal customer. First become a loyal customer. In many countries railway section provides some sorts of points for Their customer. Try to get as much as points and then random it with a cheaper Tickets. 

3. Never travel during the peak time.  

In many countries you might be charged a much more than a regional fare price. This all can happen during a peak time. In my part of the country the cost of the ticket becomes double during peak time. It is good thing that still our country railway is free from such system. So if you go in other countries. Not to travel at a peak time. It is best for you. You can save an extra money for that.  Suppose that still you need to travel in a peak time, book your tickets in advance. This will give a relief and save your money too. 

4. Always book ticket online.  

In many parts of the world booking a ticket online is cheaper as compared to book ticket from a Ticket counter. Many country give this freedom to book tickets online. This will help you to save some sort of extra charges. The best idea is to book tickets by yourself. Booking ticket online has a lot of advantages. If you prefer some special seat or prefer any class of train. You can easily do it by online.  

5. Before booking online ticket. Properly research for best deal online.  

Apart from railway site, many other sites also provide you the way to book tickets online. Just investigate all sites for a better result. This all investigate help of give a good deal among all possible offer over the internet. So if you want to grab a ticket at lowest price. You need to do proper research over internet. So at least compare all prices and grab a good deal that you prefer at a lower price.  

6. Try to book tickets from both sides.  

Booking ticket from both ways can help you to give an offer that is best for your journey. If you want a good deal, you must book tickets from both sides. Booking both tickets separately can cost you more as compare to single booking. So this way you are able to save some sort of money in advance.  

All our excitement and enjoyment is vanish after seeing the high price of a rail ticket in many parts of the world. So Plan yourself and book ticket in advance. So always try for a cheap ticket. It will add an extra enjoyment in your journey. So all above tips and points help any person from any country to reduce some sort of prices.  

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