After a routine life a break may relief anybody and gives refreshment. If it is a tour, then it may be enjoyable to all family members. Everybody loves then any type of trip.

Some trips, which we want to make memorable in life. For this we should follow some tips, which might help to make the tour successful. First we have to make a plan about that destination. Here I am discussing about a hot destination, which is Goa. Goa is a nice place in India. So first we should know well about Goa. Then we have prepared a list and a program. May be Goa is a safe place in India but it will be better to be safe while going.

About Goa

It is a small state of west India, known as Konkan. Goa is famous for world heritage architecture and some beautiful beaches. It is a hot destination for all Indians and also foreign tourists. Goa is divided into two district- North Goa and South Goa. Panaji is the main head quarter of north Goa and Margoa is of the South Goa. Main crops of Goa are coconuts, cashew, sugarcane but rice is the main food and in fruits mango, banana, pineapples etc are famous. Many forests and wild lives are also available to see there.

Domalim airport is nearby and Goa has four national highways also. Goa is also well connected with Doha, Dubai, Sharjah and many other countries like UK, Germany etc. Konkan railways and south eastern railways are ready to reach you in your destination. Marathi, Konkani and Portuguese languages are main spoken language here. English and Hindi are also common languages there. Churches and world heritage sites are also world famous.

Now some tips for Goa trip

1.First make a plan to go there. Discuss with other family members and do a plan about how many days and nights you all will stay there.

2.Take decision about which transport you will chose to travel. Flight or railway is some comfortable. Then book tickets and you may take some helps from professional agents.

3.The best time is between September to January. In the time of beach festival, many tourists go there as the beach festival is famous there. Then you have to book hotels previously. The weather is not too many hot and cold. Better take all types of cloths to feel comfortable.

4.When we go to some trip, we need to take some cash but better to carry travelers cheques. ATM facility is also present and safe also, so no need to carry to much hard cash. So don’t forget to take your ATM card.

5.There are some crowded beaches and some less crowded beaches there. Don’t concentrate on beaches totally as there are many other places to see in Goa.

6.In trip we carry some appliances like digital camera, mobile or hand camera which need to be charged. So be careful and know about supply voltage before giving chare in battery. Also don’t forget to take a voltage adopter to charge.

7.You have to carry some luggage also. In the time of travelling by train, don’t leave your luggage unattended. Specially In train lock your luggage with train’s handle by a chain.

8.Now in train or plane a personal identity card is necessary to carry with. Also write all members identities in a paper with name, age, blood groups and some other necessary details (if necessary) with contract numbers. This will help to contract in any case of emergency in need.

9.On the journey, it is better to take foods from authorized centers. Don’t accept any type of tea or foods from any strangers. Some robbers use this situation to steal the luggage during journey. Sometimes it brings life danger also which we often see in news.

10. Take guide from authorized center and make accommodation in renowned hotel. Don’t book any unauthorized car to see tourist spots. Guides maybe available from Government approved agencies.

11.Some migrated persons from another places come here to make money easily. They may cheat you, so beware of them.

12.Drug is totally banned here. So don’t try to take any hard or soft drugs, if caught by police, jail and money compensation are waiting for you.

13.Keep yourself and other family members safe from fungal infections. If you and any member fall in sick, local medical treatment is available.

14.Things made from rare animals are also banned. So don’t try to purchase those from any road side sellers or shops. If necessary make shopping from Government centre outlet.

15.In monsoon some beaches behave rough. Take support from life-guard. Read and follow guidelines written on beach signboard.

16.Don’t leave your valuable things in on beach and nudity is also punishable here. So obey the rules and act according to guidelines.

17.Mosquito helps to make many diseases. So use mosquito coil or liquid to avoid such diseases. It may effects in long run, so you may fall in sick after returning home also. Children are affected quickly.

18.Keep money, passport and other valuable things in safe place. If you or any other person faces any problem regarding this, keep contact with local administration and local police.

19. When you visit any places of worship, try to maintain the rules like keeping silence etc. Remove your shoes where necessary. Follow the traffic rules while on road to avoid any unwanted circumstances.

20.Don’t throw waste materials here and there, use dustbin where provided. Use also toilets as this is available in most places.

21.Now one important and noticeable matter- Don’t understand me wrong but don’t take any risk by making sexual relationship with any stranger as AIDS is a dangerous disease and has no cure still now. 

22.Drinking water is another source of many diseases. So if you are traveling with children then it will be safe to bear mineral water with yourself.

23.Take some medicines also. If necessary take a advice from your doctor before journey . Don’t forget to take daily usable medicines.

24.Inform local administration before going, as you with family will be in outstation and if they will be informed then in future they will be able to help you in need.

So have a nice trip to Goa and enjoy  without taking any risk.

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