Travelling with our children, need some extra care. Parents should be always careful about their health and happiness during any outing if they want to make it successful with their kids. It is a challenge also. If the parents follow some tips and guidelines, it would reduce some stress. If the child is too small then various problems may come which are unexpected. So make some plan and try to follow to avoid any unwanted facts.

Here I am trying to discuss some tips to remember. It may helps to parents during any trip:

  1. If the trip is first trip with your children, plan for a easy and healthy trip. Know clearly about that place before going and also know about the weather of that place. Weather change may effects child’s heath quickly. Pack your luggage with all kid’s requirements which will cover all needs of a child.

  2. If you are going with your own family then be ready to face all problems. So it may be better to go with some other families. So if you are going with some other families, then talk clearly with them about your children and know about them also. May be your trip will take some excess time. Also you may want some helps from others regarding your children.

  3. If your partner has same aged kids, talk with them and may be the condition and requirements will be same. It will help to reduce some luggage also. If requirements will be same, no need to take same or common things or foods separately.

  4. Children may have some allergies and medical problems. Take medicines and inform previously to your partner about that so that any misunderstanding would happen. All should be helpful with each other and should co-operate each other regarding this.

  5. If you do some home exchange, it will help to reduce some expenses. Some are taking medicine and some are taking toys to play. It will help children to play in outside commonly.

  6. Normally children take very little foods and don’t take a separate sit while travelling. So it will be better to talk with agencies about kid’s fees. Clear talking will not make any confusion. In many cases parents carry the foods of children and water separately.

  7. Sometimes very small children cannot express their feelings. So it is must to show any doctor at least in before journey. Exactly say the age and the habit of children; it will help doctor to check up them. If you are going to any hill area or sea area, it is must to take some advices from family physician before planning.

  8. Be sure that all vaccine courses Are completed in due time. It will protect your child from any unwanted diseases. Prepare a chart also including blood group also.

  9. Take proper cloths, mosquito net etc. Mosquito is harmful for children so try to avoid it. Children may have some allergies from dust or sun rays. So plan your trips according to your children’s health and take protection.

  10. It is necessary to take the identity proof of all members including children as some concessions we get in fair for them. If your child is adopted then carry all papers of adoption. True copy of marriage certificate and child’s birth certificate should be attested by authorized persons if you are carrying Xerox copy.

  11. Carry a buggy or pram; it will help the child to take rest during long journey.

  12. Now a day many parents are carrying a beep system tracker. So it may be a better option in crowded area and it will help you to monitor your child.

  13. If your child has a habit to feed of bottles, then don’t forget to take it. Also take some dust milk and water to feed them in emergency. It will also help in long journey as children cannot tolerate with hungry. Also check your hand bag before travelling so that you are not forgetting to take liquid foods and baby cream or nappy as all these are necessary to a child during travel.

  14. If you want to travel on flight, then know and be informed about the rules and regulation to take necessary equipments. You may be provided a fast track queue .Also you may be provided with a comfortable seat for children specially.

  15. If you have more than one child, then they may needed some wide place .So if possible take one or two seats extra.

Some suggestions you may follow to make your trip successful:

  1. If travelling by plane, try to gate for bulkhead seat and near to exit to allow your children a place to play.
  2. Choose appropriate in destination, so that children may not feel unhealthy.
  3. Take disposable nappies and wipes.
  4. Always take babysitting facilities to give them some rest.
  5. Take camera and any recorder t make the journey memorable.

Safety Suggestion regarding medical:

  1. First take suggestion from Doctor before travelling.
  2. Pack hats, sun screen lotions for hot destination and warm clothes for cold destination.
  3. Avoid animals, it may bite during journey.
  4. Take some medical keys including baby paracetamol, thermometer, anti-itching lotion and some band aids.

Some safety suggestion regarding car:

  1. Always use seat belt while travelling by car.
  2. Protect your child’s face from sun shine.
  3. Take some frequent rest to avoid the motion sickness.
  4. While vehicle is moving don’t allow your children to keep their hands and face out side window.
  5. Allow to enter some fresh air to come inside the car. It will make comfortable to kids.

Some suggestions to make your children happy during journey:

  1. Take some toys to play.
  2. Play some family games so that they may take part and feel happy.
  3. Take some snacks and chocolates.
  4. Tell stories and facts about where you are going.
  5. Give some foods when they feel hungry.

Now some don’ts:

  1. Don’t take risky foods like sea foods or low boiled foods.
  2. Don’t allow to drink water from anywhere.
  3. Don’t forget to wash their hands before taking foods.
  4. Don’t take any foods from street vendors.

Now some places from where you may need some help:

  1. If anybody feels sick or uneasy, go to nearby any doctor and take advice.
  2. Travel agent may help you if you will face in any problem.
  3. Police or local administration will help you if you will feel any unsafe.

Check something’s in advance:

  1. Check your tickets, accommodation or hotel booking papers.
  2. Medical kits.
  3. Count the number the luggage.
  4. Lock of your luggage and tack a chain and keys if necessary.

So have a nice journey. Don’t get afraid.  Keep the above points in mind and walk-out for a destination. Children may feel boring due to high pressure of education. It will give some refreshment in their mind and may start their education with a fresh mind.

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